Fox News Expert Claims No Evidence Of Pelosi Intrusion As Intrusion Play Video

fox news

fox news

Criminal defense attorney and regular Fox News guest Brian Claypool was completely humiliated on Friday when he suggested there was no evidence that Paul Pelosi’s attacker had broken into his home.

In fact, the Fox News anchor had to air actual footage of the Claypool invasion. just appeared on the network the night before Discuss the impending tape release.

expose numerous right-wing conspiracies In Friday’s release of a 911 call, police bodycam video and security footage of the brutal attack on former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, the alleged attacker David DePape violently brandished a sledgehammer and smashed down a door. and was seen entering the house through a broken door. window.

Meanwhile, on the emergency call, the initially calm Pelosi tells the dispatcher that DePape has come to the house “here to wait for his wife,” adding that he doesn’t know the intruder. Arguing, Pelosi said it wasn’t true before hanging up.

Fox News goes into spinover drive over Pelosi attack suspect

And chilling body camera footage captured Pelosi and DePappe answering the front door together as police arrived at the house. The officer asked the intruder to drop his weapon, but DePappe said “no” and brutally attacked Pelosi.

Hours after the release of the video and call, Claypool appeared on Fox News american report provide analytics. ‚ÄúThis investigation is about transparency, and one big issue that I have gotten out of this issue is troubling…the Department of Justice came out and said police officers opened the door. “It’s in the book,” Claypool told anchor John Roberts. It’s really important to me.”

Fox News, as part of hooked These slight discrepancies that justify”questionAnd it’s questioning the attack as a whole, influencing the larger conspiracy narrative. Some Fox hosts defended the conspiracy “Many of us have” about the attack because “California is a Democratic state.”

Noting that Pelosi “had a drink in her hand” when she opened the door for police, Claypool said why Pelosi “didn’t run out the front door” when police arrived. I wondered. Additionally, Pelosi said in his 911 call, “He didn’t sound like he was really afraid for his life.”

“Did Paul Pelosi know this guy? conspiracy Pelosi and his suspect were acquaintances (and possibly lovers).

Roberts and co-anchor John Roberts took a back seat to Claypool’s remarks, noting that Pelosi could be “trying to calm the attacker”. “I’m trying to tell you something,” and then brought up a video of Depap breaking into the house.

“Another question is where is the evidence of break-in and break-in. I see what you mean about casing the area,” Claypool replied.

“There’s a video of him breaking into the house,” Smith interrupted.

After an awkward silence, a Fox patron said, “I’ve never seen a video of him breaking into a house.”

John Oliver exposes right-wing lies about Paul Pelosi attack

A Fox News anchor explained to Claypool that Depapu was “breaking through the house” “now” showing “clear video” on the screen. He added that he broke the window and broke into the house.

“Maybe it’s true, but maybe I’m wrong.

“I think we should just give Hall Pass on facts so important that we think there was a definite story that the Department of Justice wanted to spread in this matter. I’ve been through this.” Yes, I stuttered before raising Hunter Biden.

“For me, I think that’s the biggest point,” he concluded.

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