Fox News host Brian Kilmeade praises Biden and asks sixth graders about not giving Trump enough credit for the reopening of school.

Brian Killmead 6th grade

Brian Kilmeade, the host of Fox & Friends, interviews junior high school students about distance learning. Fox news

  • Fox News host Brian Kilmeade asked sixth graders Wednesday morning.

  • The sixth grade boy acknowledged President Joe Biden’s pandemic response before Kilmead intervened.

  • “Really? It’s hard to believe … the last president said I wanted to bring all my kids back to school.”

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Fox News Host Brian Kilmead In an interview with “Fox and Friends” on Wednesday morning, he responded unfriendly to sixth graders.

Mason, a sixth-grade student in Philadelphia, evaluated how President Joe Biden dealt with the pandemic in the segment on distance learning challenges.

“I haven’t attended school yet. I’m still doing completely virtual learning, but next week I’ll be attending face-to-face school on Monday and Tuesday,” said a junior high school student.

“And I think the way our new president handles things is a very good way, and if it was still the last president, we wouldn’t have reached this,” Mason said. Added.

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Kilmead defended Trump shortly following his comments.

“Really?” Said Kilmead. “It’s hard to believe, because the former president said I wanted to bring all my kids back to school.”

The issue of distance learning and school reopening has often been the main focus of Fox News in the context of public schools. The vast majority of democratic cities lag behind private schools in returning children to direct instruction.

“Children across the country are begging to learn about Zoom and return to the classroom,” Kilmead said at the beginning of the segment.

“Don’t blame yourself,” Kilmead told a freshman in high school at another point in the segment. “Blame your politician and your union.”

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