Fox News host Sean Hannity threatens to sue Democratic Senate candidate Jon Fetterman

Furious that Jon Fetterman turned down an invitation to appear on his Fox News show, right-wing broadcaster Sean Hannity threatened to sue the Democratic Senate candidate in a flurry of Tuesday night rants. rice field. .

Fetterman is contested in the Senate against celebrity Dr. Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania.

“As of now, Fetterman’s campaign has failed to discuss Dr. Oz, and his appearance on this program is unsuccessful because he and his campaign lie about me and collect money out of my name. He has also declined my invitation to come,” Hannity insisted.

Reported by Mediaite On his Monday night show, Hannity said what he said was a fundraising letter from Fetterman’s campaign accusing the Fox News star of spreading lies about Democratic challengers. .

On Tuesday, Hannity complained that Fetterman “sent me another fundraising text attacking me, lying to me, calling me a liar.”

This made Hannity raise the stakes.

“He may have heard from my lawyer Soon,” warned Hannity. “He hopes Mom and Dad have enough money to pay the legal fees.

Noting that Fetterman had a stroke in May, Hannity showed an edited video The 53-year-old Democratic congressman, the son of a wealthy Pennsylvania insurance executive, stuttered in a recent speech, claiming on Monday that the state’s lieutenant governor was “unfit” to represent Keystone.

Claiming that “we don’t lie on this show,” primetime cable’s longest-running host accused the liberal candidate of “defeating the campaign” of trading off the Hannity name.

according to real clear politicsFetterman leads the Hannity-backed TV Doctor in every poll, including one done by Fox News last month, showing the Democrats leading by double digits.

Hannity’s activism in Republican politics is well established.

In the 2018 midterm elections, CNN reported He was billed as a “special guest” at a Republican rally in Missouri attended by then-President Donald Trump. appeared on stage together. He later claimed that the advertised appearance was “unplanned.”

The 60-year-old commentator found himself stuck in traffic after the Jan. 6 attacks on the US Capitol. told a radio audience He had “reports that groups like Antifa may have been responsible for attempted riots following Trump’s election loss.”

Texts obtained by the Task Force to Investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol Attack reveal that Hannity warned Trump’s chief of staff a week before the deadly riots. On the day of the attack, he sent a text again asking if Trump could “make a statement” urging his followers to leave the Capitol.

Fetterman has not responded to Hannity’s legal threats or his requests to point out certain lies he allegedly told.