Fox News host Tucker Carlson had sought an interview with Putin when the NSA accused him of spying on him, the new report said.

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson, the host of Fox News. Chip Somode Villa / Getty Images

  • Tucker Carlson asked for an interview with Vladimir Putin before accusing the NSA of spying on him.

  • Carlson publicly accused the NSA of monitoring him as part of a plan to air his show.

  • The NSA later stated in a statement that Carlson’s “claims are not true.”

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson sought an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin shortly before the National Security Agency accused him of spying on him. Axios Reported on Wednesday.

In late June, Carlson The NSA was watching his Fox news show After he told him that sources had turned it over as part of a plan to remove it from the air.

Carlson said his source, “Who is in a position to know,” “may have come directly from my text and email” about the story he and his team are working on. He said he repeated the information.

“It is illegal for the NSA to spy on American citizens,” Carlson said in a June 28 segment. “Such things shouldn’t happen in America, but unfortunately they happen, and in this case they happened.”

Later federal agency was denied His claim was that the Fox News host “has never been targeted by National Security Agency intelligence and the NSA has never planned to remove his program from the air.” Stated.Carlsson answered By calling the statement “annoyingly dishonest.”

When he made the spy’s allegations, Carlson was in talks with a US-based Kremlin intermediary to secure an interview with Putin, a source familiar with the conversation told Axios. U.S. officials learned that Carlson was seeking an interview with the Kremlin leaders, and Fox News hosts were aware of the government, fueling the grounds for the spy’s accusations, sources said.

“As I said repeatedly, the NSA read my email and then leaked their content because it’s true. It’s angry and illegal,” Carlson said in a statement to Axios. Said.

NSA representatives did not immediately return insider comment requests.

A Fox News spokesperson told Axios that the media supports “one of the hosts pursuing interviews and stories without government intervention.”

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