Fox News host wonders aloud if Trump tried to sell classified material to Russians, Saudis

  • Fox News host Eric Shawn asked if Trump tried to sell classified documents found in Mar-a-Lago.

  • He wondered if Trump tried to “sell or share” the documents with “Russians” or “Saudi”.

  • Sean’s speculation comes amid Trump’s growing anger at Fox News shows like “Fox & Friends.”

A Fox News host on Sunday aloud wondered if former President Donald Trump tried to sell classified documents he had in Mar-a-Lago to Russia and Saudi Arabia.

On Sunday’s Fox News live broadcast, Eric Shawn raised one possibility as to what Trump may have done with classified documents the FBI found during its investigation. Search for President Trump’s residence in Florida.

“And more questions are being raised this morning: Did former President Trump try to sell or share classified material with Russians, Saudis or anyone else?” Sean asked.

“Or did they naively mishandle and store the documents because they thought they had a legal right to keep them?” he added.

Sean then mentioned Russian state media reports The materials may have been leaked to Russian officials before following an interview with intelligence analyst Rebecca Koffler.

Sean’s comments come amid a wave of backlash from some Fox News hosts against the former president and his supporters over the Mar-a-Lago attack.

For example, on Thursday Fox News host Steve Doocy Confronted Republican Congressman Steve Scalis I asked him on the air: “I’m just curious, what happened to the blue Republicans? And, in particular, [35,000] FBI law enforcement, members of federal law enforcement? “

Doocy’s comment came after Congressman Marjorie Taylor Green When other Republicans Blaming the FBI and law enforcement for the Mar-a-Lago attack, with Greene call an agency be able to repaid.

Separately, Doucy told Republican House Speaker Elise Stefanik that the FBI investigation was “kind of a big deal” given that agents were trying to obtain classified documents “related to nuclear weapons.” said.

Fox News host Brett Byer — who in July Criticized Trump and refuted Trump’s views at a January 6 committee hearing Unsubstantiated allegations that former President Barack Obama also mishandled documents.

“There is a process. According to NARA and its statements and all that we know, President Obama followed a process to get these documents to Chicago.” Saidreferring to the National Archives and Records Administration.

He added that the “difference” between Trump and Obama was that in the latter case the classified documents were “properly dealt with.”

In July, Trump voiced his displeasure on the talk show Fox & Friends. Known to call almost every week his presidency.and true social posthe He called the talk show ‘horrible’ and said he ‘went to the dark side’ After one of its hosts, Doocy, questioned the vote numbers.

But Fox News still seems to have Trump supporters.Last week, host Jesse Watters baseless claims That the FBI may have planted evidence in Mar-a-Lago.And on Friday, Fox News Show digitally processed photos showed body and face signed federal judge About the Mar-a-Lago search warrant superimposed on old images of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

FBI Removed 11 sets of confidential documents — some of which have been reported top secret marked and worry nuclear weapons — from Mar-a-Lago We executed a search warrant for the property last Monday. Department of Justice currently under investigation If Trump spy law.

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