Fox News hosts recall a former colleague’s aggressive “will not marry a fat girl” comment

Fox News’ Julie Banderas I remembered a misleading comment that a former male colleague once made to her.

“He told me he would only marry a hot person because he wants a hot child,” Banderas said. remember Friday’s “Out Numbered” episode.

“He didn’t marry a fat girl. It’s no joke. This actually came out of a man’s mouth because he didn’t want to have a fat child,” she continued. “I’m not kidding. And the standard was that they had to be hot. There are a lot of idiots out there.”

Banderas did not say the name of his ex-colleague “because he will perish forever,” she said in a shared video. The Daily Beast.. Banderas, a mother of three, worked for Fox News After 2005.. It’s unclear if she worked in a conservative network when her colleague at the time commented.

Memories Similarly misogynistic comments Created by Anthony Casasanta, the host of “The NoFilter Podcast”.

Casa Santa, in that video Became viral on TikTok It has caused over 2.2 million views and anger around the world, saying: “I still want to be sexually attracted to my wife, spouse, and girlfriend.” But if I can’t do that, I’ll go out. “

However, the podcast host refused to apologize and claimed In a statement to Their comments were taken “out of context”.

This article was originally HuffPost It has been updated.