Fox News’ latest attack on Joe Biden backfired for the most troubling reasons

Fox News’ Raymond Arroyo accused the White House of letting his guns fly on Christmas because he received a Christmas tree on the same day that President Joe Biden allowed two turkeys for Thanksgiving.

The problem was that conservative networks lit up their own “National Christmas Tree” earlier in the day. outside headquarters in New tree last year burnt down with an arson attack.

On Monday, Arroyo complained to primetime personality Laura Ingraham. At this rate, New Year’s Eve could come tonight at midnight. “

Watch the video here:

“Can we take a breather between seasons?” Arroyo continued. “Elections last four weeks, but Thanksgiving and Christmas end in the afternoon with the Biden campaign. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Ingraham agreed and said, “I know. I mean, it’s a quickie.”

Arroyo, who allegedly appeared on the show for comical relief, later appeared to step back and that under former President Donald Trump the White House also “performed a turkey pardon and tree reveal on the same day.” admitted.

But it’s still “too fast,” he added.

See Fox’s tree light-up here.

Fox’s hypocrisy we’ve been fighting for years Fake So-called “Christmas Wars” Didn’t get noticed on Twitter: