Fox News’ Peter Doocy is unhappy that Joe Biden urged Americans to vote. He Twitter says he’s Phooey.

Peter Doocy of fox news the president complained Joe Biden encourage Americans to vote in his speech Thursday — But Twitter didn’t have it. (See video below.)

In a report from the Philadelphia speech site, Doocy said the White House had previously claimed that Biden’s speech was non-political, but violated it by mentioning the need for a vote. White House responds A similar criticism was later made, pointing out that “democracy is not a matter of partisanship or politics.”

“I was told, in no uncertain terms, that this was not a political speech, but I heard the president speak twice about voting,” Doocy said. Have them say ‘Vote, Vote, Vote’ and then say that people have to do their duty in 2022. This is the direct political response that the President did here before leaving town. It’s a statement.”

Biden’s speech was highly critical of Republican extremists and their threat to American values, but he didn’t mention any political party in the voting part where Doucy mentioned. called on citizens to vote at the ballot box to strengthen the power that Americans have fought for democracy for hundreds of years.

“We can’t afford to leave anyone on the sidelines,” he said. “We all have to do our part, so speak up, speak up, get involved. Vote, vote, vote.”

“If we do our duty beyond 2022,” he continued.

People on Twitter mocked Doocy’s comment.

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This article originally appeared on huff post and updated.