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China thought it had defeated COVID, but now Indian variants are skyrocketing

CNS Photo via Reuters The Chinese government has canceled hundreds of flights in Guangzhou, with a population of over 15.3 million, and blocked several streets due to the rapid spread of Indian variants of COVID-19. We have taken drastic steps to do so. According to Chinese state media, few cases have been reported so far in this bustling city, but it was first identified in India since the weekend and is now Delta. The number of new infections associated with the subspecies known as the species is doubling daily. , Frequently reported under pandemic statistics: “In this race with the virus, you have to go a little further and run faster than before to block the spread of the virus and block the infection chain in time. Must be, “said Tuesday, the director of the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission in Huangdong Province. Since Sunday, hundreds of flights to and from Guangdong Hakuun International Airport have been canceled to contain the rapid spread. The city government has also banned all residents of Guangzhou from leaving the city without a so-called “green pass” with the state-owned COVID-19 app. Indoor dining is also banned in many parts of the city, and in a closed community, only one person can leave home to buy essentials. Lockdown reminds us of the beginning of the pandemic when Wuhan became the first epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the beginning of the pandemic, China has reported only 91,122 cases of COVID-19, related. The death toll is 4,636, and this number is considered conservative. Have 40% of the population vaccinated. On the other hand, the number of newly infected people is steadily decreasing in India. On Tuesday, the country reported 127,510 new cases, the lowest increase since April 8 and 2,795 new COVID-19-related deaths since April 26. India is a pandemic The country has been hit hardest by the latest waves of the world, with equipment such as oxygen and medicine. The number of deaths at that height turned out to be unmanageable as the crematorium ran out of firewood. The fact that India’s vaccination program has finally begun and new infections have leveled off is foretold as a turning point in the pandemic. Elsewhere, tensions in India and the Delta can derail efforts to restart the economy. In the United Kingdom, infections associated with this strain doubled in a week. In Vietnam, a new strain that appears to be a combination of the first strain found in the UK and a strain from India has been identified, and experts hoping that the current vaccine will become widespread are worried. Many parts of Europe and other parts of the world are opening up, but it may be too early to celebrate. On Tuesday, the Chinese government also reported the first ever human case of the H10N3 strain of bird flu after a 41-year-old man tested positive. Chinese officials, as well as the beginning of the current coronavirus pandemic. Claims that you don’t have to worry. Find out more at The Daily Beast. Receive our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside takes you to the story that matters to you. learn more.

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