Fox News’ Tomi Lahren told police at a police meeting that the killing of prominent police “if people just obeyed” might have been avoided.

Tomi Laren

Tomi Laren in Pasadena, California.Colin Young-Wolf / Invision / AP

  • Tomi Laren was one of several speakers at the Police Training Conference in Atlantic City in October.

  • Laren described Black Lives Matter as “thugs, serious offenders, criminals” and “terrorist organizations.”

  • She went on to say that people could avoid police shootings “if they just obeyed the police.”

Fox News personality Tomi Lahren told police officers that “if people were to comply with the police, obey orders, and resist arrests,” they could have avoided a significant number of police atrocities.

The Washington post Fox Nation’s political critic Lahren reported showing “Final Thoughts” and “No Interruption.” Street Cup Training Conference In Atlantic City, New Jersey.

More than 1,000 police officers from New Jersey and other state departments attended the meeting, the post reported. In her speech, Laren described Black Lives Matter as “thugs, serious offenders, criminals” and “terrorist organizations.”

“If I’m wrong, point it out,” Laren said, according to a sound clip of her remarks shared by the post. “But all of these major headline cases in this country that involved law enforcement agencies in the past could have been prevented for at least five years if people did not comply with police, obey orders, and resist arrests. is.”

Audiences can hear applause and cheers in the clip.

Her comments were in line with previous statements she made on shows and social media.

Of the post Research Laren’s emotions turned out to be typical of those created in a commercial police training environment. Call for reform grows.. In addition to watching and attending meetings in New Jersey and Idaho, the outlet spoke with 18 trainers and experts. Many of them opposed police reform.

Post found that some blamed the media for exaggerating the public’s desire for reform and dismissed the reformers as a small cohort. The outlet also said that many describe violence as an essential part of the police.

Michael Sierra Alevaro, a professor of sociology at the University of Texas at Austin and attending the Street Cop Conference, said: “The curriculum is moral that you are a good person, enjoy violence, and are an expert in violence. That’s not wrong. ” Position. “In fact, because you are a paladin, that is your moral obligation. You are a warrior of this kind.”

Call for police reform has increased Later in the summer of 2020 during the protest of racial justice George Floyd killed by Minneapolis police officers..

Parliament engaged in Bipartisan talks about potential police reform bill Last summer, but they fell apart without reaching an agreement.

According to sources NBC News President Joe Biden will sign a presidential directive on police reform as early as this month.

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