Fox stands behind Tucker Carlson after ADL urges him to fire

Fox Corp. stands behind Tucker Carlson after the Defamation League. last week The company fires a host of opinions for his on-air defense of the white supremacist’s “great alternative” theory.

Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch said in a letter sent to civil rights groups on Sunday and shared with the Associated Press that Carlson “condemned and rejected alternative theory” in the Thursday evening segment. .. This is a voting right question. “

In a reply sent to Murdoch on Monday, ADL claimed that Carlson did, if not, used the white supremacist language.

“Mr. Carlson first tried to dismiss this theory, but in the next breath he supported it behind a” voting question “but gave him a free license to call the white supremacist metaphor. I didn’t give it, “written ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt.

The Alternate Conspiracy Theory believes that colored races have replaced whites in the West, made possible by Jews and progressive politicians.

During a guest appearance on Thursday’s Fox News Prime Time, Carlson “accepted the basic theory of white supremacy,” ADL said.

During the show, Carlson said, “When we suggest that the Democrats are trying to replace the voters who are currently voting with new people, we use the term” exchange “on the left side of Twitter and all the little gatekeepers. Will literally be hysterical, more obedient voters from the Third World. “We had less political power because they were importing brand new voters,” he added.

ADL also listed many cases in which Carlson used anti-immigrant language in the past. This includes blaming immigrants to make the United States “poor, dirty, and more divided.”

Murdoch states in the letter that ADL once awarded his father Rupert Murdoch a leadership award. ADL’s Greenblatt makes it clear that this award was “awarded more than 10 years ago, but not today. It is the moral of not taking you, him, the network, or its board of directors. There is no exemption from failure. A proceeding against Mr. Carlson. “

A Fox spokeswoman declined to comment on ADL’s Monday letter.