Fox’s John Roberts defends Peter Doucy after Pusaki’s comment

Fox News anchor John Roberts defended Network White House correspondent Peter Doucie after White House spokesman Jen Psaki criticized Doothy’s question in a recent podcast episode.

In a live episode In Friday’s “Pod Save America,” Psaki was asked if Doocy was “ab — the stupid son” or if he played on television. President Biden was caught in a hot microphone, using a phrase to describe Doody.

“Okay, uh, well. He works for the network,” Psaki started.

Roberts, a former White House correspondent at the Network, opposed Pusaki’s claim, saying that Doothy had come up with his own question and made his own decision about what he wanted to raise during the briefing.

“be careful @PressSec .. @pdoocy Make a decision about the topic he wants to quiz you and create your own question. Roberts Tweeted. “His philosophy is the basic belief of journalism. It comforts the suffering and afflicts the comfortable. If it makes us all” stupid sobbing “. “

Pusaki Be expected Leaving the White House and joining rival cable network MSNBC also said he would like to complement Doocy with episodes of the podcast and tell “Peter Doocy’s lovely story.”

She mentioned Biden Hot microphone The moment the president called Doothy a “stupid son of the abdomen” after a Fox News correspondent asked him if inflation would be a “political responsibility” before the mid-term.

Biden later apologized to Doucet for comment, and Pusaki said Doucei’s hands handled the episode in class when asked about it by Sean Hannity of Fox.

“Sean Hannity asked him what the president said and what he said. He could have said anything,” Pusaki said. “Instead, he said,’You know, he called me. I had a really good conversation. I’m just asking a question. He’s doing his job. There. “

“So I say it was a moment of grace. You don’t have to like everything Peter Doocy says or does, but it’s certainly a moment of grace by Peter Doocy.”

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