Fox’s Sean Hanity calls Adam Toledo a “13-year-old man”

“We are waiting for the Chicago Police Department to release this time Body camera image It caught a deadly police shooting of a young 13-year-old man named Adam Toledo, “Hannity said.

Fox Sean Hanity Called to label a 13-year-old police victim of atrocities as a man.

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On Thursday, Hannity discussed a tragic story about Adam Toledo, A 13-year-old boy shot by police in Chicago last month named his young teen a man.

“We are waiting for the Chicago Police Department to release this time Body camera image It caught a deadly police shooting of a young 13-year-old man named Adam Toledo, “Hannity said on his radio show. “And if social media is any sign, there’s a lot of talk today about possible anxieties. I hope it doesn’t happen, but Chicago’s track record shows dozens every weekend and every weekend in Chicago. Given the number of shots and killings, you’ll have to obey the odds, not particularly good. “

Adam Toledo (ABC Chicago)

Adam Toledo (ABC Chicago)

Hanity’s words Example How white media incorrectly portrays black and colored children and separates them from young people to justify violence and atrocities against them.

Twitter users immediately called for Hannity.

“Adam Toledo 13 Year old boy. Unarmed and killed by police …Fox news tells him 13 Year old man..Still, they reported Kyle Rittenhaus as 17 years old Year old A boy who shoots around and walks around with the AR-15? Do something, Mayor Lightfoot, “the user wrote.

“One Fox News was called 17 Year old A boy who protects his community. He killed two people and walked to a policeman at the age of fifteen. They gave him water. He is still free.Other fox news said 13 Year old man.. He died. Why are so many people overwhelmed with anger, “another said.

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So Around theGrio, The video footage of the incident scared the community.

A graphic body camera footage of a Chicago police officer who fatally shot 13-year-old Toledo was released to the public on Thursday afternoon.

Police accountability private office, or COPA, said it couldn’t be released initially video The course was changed after the mayor and police demanded that the video be released, due to a minor shooting. The footage comes more than two weeks after Toledo was killed following a foot chase in a mostly Latin and black neighborhood, Little Village, on the western side of the city.

Around Associated PressThe March 29 shooting occurred before dawn, after police technology detected the shooting in the area. Latino teenage and 21-year-old men escaped on foot when confronting police, and police officers once in Toledo’s chest, following foot tracking when the department described it as an “armed confrontation.” I shot.

Cook County prosecutors previously claimed that the child had a gun in his right hand, but the video shows that Toledo’s hand was raised without a weapon and obeyed the police’s orders-still. Is shot and even called a cold-blooded murder.

“Simply put, we failed Adam,” Wrightfoot said at a city hall press conference. Chicago Tribune.. She also said the incident “has lost her child, mourned her mother, and put her family in jeopardy.”

Authorities have released a series of extensive videos from the cameras and surveillance footage they wear. This is reportedly indicating that teenagers are throwing their guns in the alleys when they raise their hands and turn to the police.

“It was unbearable. There are some videos that start at the beginning of the episode, but it’s very difficult to see the bodycam footage after the young Adam was shot,” Wrightfoot said. “I just want to say this to many of my staff … as a mom, this is not what you want your kids to see.”

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