“Frager” -inspired killer masks her rich boyfriend’s milkshake murder with fake suicide



An Australian woman who was gas-executed by injecting helium into a plastic bag above her head after knocking out her wealthy boyfriend with a sedative-injected milkshake was sentenced to 40 years in prison by an Australian court.

Natasha Beth Darcy, 46, was convicted in 2017 of her partner Matthew Dunbar being killed in an attempt to make her look like suicide.

Inspired by the hit Sitcom episode Frazier, She devised a plan to cover up the murder. She offered her friend $ 14,000 in cash and her wealthy lover was talking about suicide, she said.

It backfired when a former friend handed over the letter to the authorities.

“I was watching an episode Frazier “When Niles demanded that he lie in court and said he didn’t know he was in love with Daphne,” Darcy said in a letter used at her decision hearing in 2020. I wrote a letter to a friend. “I wish he could tell someone that Matthew said he was planning to commit suicide a few days to a few days before his death.”

Judge Julia Lonergan told Darcy that the earliest possible release was in 2047, a crime she considered “stupid, clumsy and ugly.” The judge who ruled her said the murder was devised so that she would inherit her boyfriend’s $ 2.4 million villa after she forced him to correct his will. I have decided.

The judge also reminded Darcy that her decision reflected her life as a continuous domestic abuser who tried to kill her ex-husband but failed. “Given the criminal record that her husband, Colin Crossman, was sentenced to imprisonment for hitting his head with a hammer and setting fire to his house while he was asleep, the criminal is a good person. I don’t know. Insurance claims, theft, and multiple fraudulent counts fraudulently acquire property through fraud, including fraudulent use of another man’s credit card with which the criminal had a domestic relationship, “Longeran said in court. Told to.

Darcy, who was on probation for a hammer and arson crime against her when she met Dunbar online in 2014, was also probated by her trial prosecutor for “spider poison,” “toxic mushrooms,” etc. Had a unique internet search history that said it contained terms “,” brain stung “,” suicide poems “,” how to commit murder “,” if the police have your cell phone They can see the website. “She also searched for” after suicide, it’s a crime scene “and” how long have Internet providers been in history? “

The judge said Darcy’s plot was chilling. “Over time … her psychological abuse and sneaky physical attacks have escalated into a more focused and absolute way to achieve the results she wants,” the judge heard on Monday. I said at the meeting. “The criminal was cold, relentless, and ruthless in her pursuit to drive Matthew away. Her lies and methods were stupid, clumsy, and ugly, but sad to achieve Matthew’s death. Was successful, but they weren’t enough to circumvent the detection. “

Darcy, who has never admitted to killing his boyfriend, claimed that he was suffering from depression and threatened to commit suicide many times because he closed his homosexuality. Her lawyer, Janet Manuel, admitted that her client’s behavior was “suspicious,” but could not prove beyond reasonable suspicion. Darcy’s conviction was upheld by the Australian Supreme Court, and her gloomy options were exhausted.

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