France bans some flights in the name of climate change, urging people to take trains instead

After the 2021 Climate Law No 2021-1104 has been granted permission by the European Commission (EC), France will allow short-haul domestic flights if there is an option for regular and frequent trains with a duration of less than 2.5 hours. Prohibited.

Article 145.I of the law provides for the decision report of the European Union (pdf). This means that three of his routes connecting Paris-Orly with Bordeaux, Nantes and Lyon will be closed to passenger flights.

Another flight route proposed by French lawmakers – between Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport station and Bordeaux and Nantes. Paris – Charles de Gaulle, Rennes, Lyon. Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Lyon-Marseille are allowed to continue due to long and inadequate train times.

According to the EC, “future improvements in rail services” will make it possible to “ban these flights.”

“This is a big step forward and we are proud that France is a pioneer in this field.

Green Party politicians welcomed the flight ban.

However, some Green party politicians want to extend the ban to cover four-hour train journeys, while others are skeptical about upcoming new rail lines like the European Union’s TEN-T project. Some European legislators hope to extend its reach across the continent.

Opposition to climate change rules, what is the real impact?

Critics of the new rules like Net Zero Watch commented on Twitter: #CostOfNetZero,” endorsed by Professor Jordan Peterson say it“Expect a lot more from this….”

When French lawmakers first proposed the rules for 2021, the European branch of the French Airports Union and the International Airports Council opposed the move, leading to the European Commission getting involved and adjudicating the issue. rice field.

The EC noted that air traffic on the route has decreased significantly since the shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, so the new rules will not have a significant environmental impact.

“Thus, banning these routes would not lead to real emissions reductions. It could create unknown environmental benefits,” the commission said in its report.

France is the first European country to try to ban short-haul flights because of climate change.

In France, a recent three-day strike canceled about 60% of high-speed and intercity trains, wreaking havoc on rail transport across the country. On the high-speed TGV, Huigo and Intercité lines, only 4 out of 10 regular services were operating as usual.

Naveen Aslapury


Naveen Athrappully is a news reporter covering business and world events for The Epoch Times.