France fines Google $ 268 million for unjustified online advertising

Paris-France’s anti-competitive penis decided on Monday to fine Google € 220 million ($ 268 million) for misusing its “dominant position” in the online advertising business. Said the body.

According to a statement from competition authorities, the practices Google uses are “especially serious because they penalize Google’s competitors” in certain markets and mobile site and application publishers.

“Authorities recall that companies in dominant positions have a specific responsibility, that is, a specific responsibility that they do not undermine,” the statement said.

According to a statement, Google, based in Mountain View, California, did not disagree with the facts, chose a settlement and proposed a change.

Isabelle de Silva, the head of the authorities, said the decision was unprecedented.

“[It’s] This is the world’s first decision to investigate the complex algorithm auction process in which online display advertising works. “

The fine, along with Google’s commitment to make changes, “reestablishes equal competitive conditions for all players and enables publishers to maximize their advertising space,” de Silva said in a statement. T.

Maria Gomri, head of legal affairs at Google France, said in a blog Monday that Google has been working with French watchdogs over the last two years on issues related to advertising technology, especially Google Ad Manager, the editor’s platform. She wrote that the promises made during the negotiations “promoted the use of data by editors and made it easier to use other advertising technologies and our tools.”

After testing in the coming months, the changes will be more widespread and “some are global,” Gomri said.

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