France remembers the ambassador from Washington “without delay” when Macron was furious in Biden


French President Emmanuel Macron recalls his ambassador to the United States after sharply condemning the unexpected decision that President Joe Biden signed a nuclear submarine agreement with Australia and terminated the existing contract with France. bottom.

France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Friday, “At the request of the President of the Republic, we are recalling US and Australian ambassadors without delay.” “This exceptional decision is justified by the extraordinary significance of the announcements made by Australia and the United States on September 15.”

Diplomatic recall is a dramatic demonstration of expectations for US-French cooperation, which has been confused in recent weeks. Macron gave the long-awaited affirmation at the G7 meeting in June when Biden was sitting with the new US president. He replied when Biden instructed the reporter, “America is back?” Question to French leaders — A few days before Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in Paris.

“You are at the forefront of tensions, threats, and sometimes threats that exist in the region. Here I would like to reiterate how much we stand by your side.” Macron Said Morrison with a pointed message to China. “I would like to remind you how committed France is to balancing the Indo-Pacific region and how much we believe that our partnership with Australia is at the heart of this Indo-Pacific strategy. think.”

“Inseparable Bonds”: Nuclear Submarine Transactions Strengthen US-Australia Security Relations Against Economic Pressure from China

Morrison Keep He “very clear” that Australia may soon end plans to buy 12 diesel submarines from France during the supper.Morrison’s team leaked months ago He was looking for a way out of the deal, but no one in Canberra or Washington notified Paris of the new plan until this week.

“I made it very clear that this is an issue that Australia needs to make a decision for our national interest,” he said.

US and Australian officials emphasized complimenting the French while celebrating the new nuclear submarine agreement.

“I have a very important relationship with my counterparts and Jean-Yves Le Drian. We are both Defense Ministers and now Foreign Ministers, many through the French system, as in Australia. Was a friend of mine, ”Australia’s Foreign Minister Marise Payne told the American Enterprise Institute on Friday afternoon: These problems. “

The rhetoric does little to relieve the puncture wounds of dishonesty. Le Dorian did not mention Britain on Friday. The UK also plays an important role in the New Deal. Macron’s team said that the surge in claims for submarine contracts and, as the Foreign Minister and French Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parli said earlier, “exclude partners such as European allies and France from structural partnerships with Australia. I’m angry with “American choice”. this week.

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“Australia and France have abandoned their marine-class submarine project since 2016 and announced a new partnership with the United States to study the potential for future cooperation on nuclear submarines among allies. It constitutes unacceptable behavior and is a partner, “said Le Dorian. “These results affect our alliance, partnerships, and our very notion of the importance of the Indo-Pacific to Europe.”

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