France reopens coal-fired power plant on warning of authorities


France is considering reopening at least one of its coal-fired power plants in response to warnings from top power company executives amid energy shortages caused by Western sanctions against Russia.

This week, the French Ministry of Energy mentioned the Saint-Avold coal-fired power plant in Lorraine, “as a precautionary measure, taking into account the situation in Ukraine, we are booking an option to revitalize the Saint-Avold power plant … If you need it this winter, “he said. The power plant was closed in March, just a few months ago.

The Ministry of Energy said the decision would be made on the grounds of the “Ukraine situation” and its impact on the French energy market. Coal exported from Russia will not be used at Saint-Avold station, the ministry said on Sunday.

The ministry said the plan would not affect the phasing out of coal-fired power generation in France, claiming that Saint-Avold operators would offset emissions through reforestation and other measures. RTL When AFP.. French President Emmanuel Macron emphasized that he is ultimately trying to close all coal-fired power plants in the country.

The French announcement comes after top executives from Engie, EDF, and TotalEnergies utilities warn that energy-saving efforts need to be made to address potential shortfalls.


“By acting this summer, we will be ready to work on next winter, especially to maintain gas reserves,” they write. Le Figaro “Therefore, we are conscious and collective and individual actions so that each of us, each consumer and each company, changes behavior and immediately limits the consumption of energy, electricity, gas and petroleum products. Call for. “

“Efforts must be immediate, collective and large,” they added, adding that “every gesture” towards a goal is “important.”

Most of France’s electricity comes from nuclear power plants. France gets about 70% of its energy from nuclear power plants. according to Due to many years of government policy, a recent update from the World Nuclear Association.

According to the association, “In February 2022, France announced plans to consider building six new reactors and eight more during the Ukrainian War.” is. “France is the world’s largest net exporter of electricity due to its very low power generation costs, with over 3 billion electricity. [euros] Every year from now on. “

Meanwhile, German officials have recently said publication The country will have to increase its coal burning capacity to cope with the energy crisis. This move is in response to European Union sanctions on Russia’s natural gas.

“We need to use less gas to generate electricity to reduce gas consumption,” said Economic Minister Robert Habeck last week. “We need to use more coal-fired power plants instead.”

“Otherwise, winter will be really tight,” he warned.

Jack phillips


Jack Phillips is the latest news reporter for The Epoch Times, based in New York.