France requires a COVID pass for the Eiffel Tower and tourist destinations


Visitors will need a special COVID pass to board the Eiffel Tower and visit French museums and cinemas from Wednesday. This is the first step in a new campaign against what the government calls the “Stratosphere” rise in delta mutation infections.

To get a pass, you need to prove that you are completely vaccinated, have a negative virus test, or have recently recovered from the infection.

This requirement came into effect on Wednesday in cultural and tourist destinations in accordance with government legislation.

President Emmanuel Macron wants to rush through legislation requiring passes in restaurants and many other areas of public life, requiring all healthcare professionals to get jabs.

The House of Representatives will begin discussions on the bill on Wednesday.

It prompted resistance in several quarters, and vaccination opponents are planning a demonstration on Wednesday.

Daily infections in France declined sharply in the spring, but have increased again in the last two weeks and virus restrictions have been re-imposed in some areas.

The government is concerned that pressure on hospitals will rise again in the coming weeks.