France smokes under US-Australia nuclear submarine agreement

French President Emmanuel Macron’s team is outraged that President Joe Biden has announced that he will share US and British nuclear submarine technology with Australia.

“When faced with unprecedented challenges in the Indo-Pacific region, America’s choice to exclude partners such as its European allies and France from its structural partnership with Australia is a consistency that France can only pay attention to. France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Dorian and French Army Minister Florence Parli said in a joint statement Wednesday night.

Their protest, contrary to China’s claim that the chaotic US withdrawal from Afghanistan foresaw the future failure of US support, US observers made Australia’s major strategic advances and the US alliance. For allies who have thrown Paris’s predicament into a welcome agreement as evidence of the power of the network. Still, the Macron administration sees the announcement as a breach of trust by Australia and a sign of contempt from Biden, which increases the need for “strategic autonomy” from the United States.

“The unfortunate decision … only reinforces the need to loudly clarify the issue of strategic autonomy in Europe,” said the French leader. “There is no other reliable way to protect our interests and values ​​in the world, including the Indo-Pacific.”

Biden loses European trust

Biden’s team cited Britain’s involvement in the trade as a mechanism to bring cross-Atlantic allies into the Indo-Pacific as US authorities seek to control and deter the oncoming threat from China.

“These relations between Britain and Australia have gone through time and are generally the oldest ally,” a senior government official told reporters early Wednesday. “It is designed not only to strengthen capacity in the Indo-Pacific, but also to connect Europe, especially the United Kingdom, more closely with strategic pursuits across the region … the United Kingdom is very much on the concept of” Focuses on. Being a global Britain, their tendency is to deepen their involvement with the Indo-Pacific, which is in return for their efforts. “

Biden extended the olive branch to France. France is the oldest ally of the United States, suggesting that the New Deal represents the example of London following the leadership of Paris.

“Certainly, this effort reflects a wide range of trends in the major European countries that play a very important role in the Indo-Pacific,” Biden said. “France in particular has already made a significant presence in the Indo-Pacific region and is an important partner and ally in strengthening the security and prosperity of the region. The United States will continue to work with France and other major nations. We look forward to working closely with you. “

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Still, the deal destined Australia to buy a $ 90 billion diesel submarine from France.

“The world is a jungle. France just remembered this bitter truth in the way the United States and Britain stabbed her from behind in Australia,” former French ambassador to the United States Gerard Araud wrote on Twitter. “C’estlavie.”

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