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The story of the sneaky Matt Gaetz gets more and more disturbing

The fact that this man is a member of parliament shows how low we set the standard for (male) politician Matt Getz. Photo: Michael Brochstein / Sopa Images / Rex / Shutterstock A Guide to Navigating “Gaetzgate” Matt Gaetz’s story is increasingly read like a script written by a high-ranking metamorphosis with a cocktail of ADHD drugs and MDMA. .. Even with a close look at the recent scandal-prone Republican controversy, it’s hard to keep track of what’s happening on Earth. So here is a guide to navigating the story far. First and foremost, Gates has been proven to be under federal investigation for sexual misconduct. On Tuesday, the New York Times reported that the Department of Justice (DoJ) said Gates, 38, “had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old child and paid to travel with him.” I reported that I was investigating. If these claims are accurate, Gates may have violated federal sex trafficking law. According to the Times, the allegations are part of an extensive investigation into Getz’s political ally, Joel Greenberg, a Florida tax collector charged with including sexual trafficking of children last year. Greenberg also reportedly abused public funds to purchase cryptocurrency company servers, weapons, ammunition and drones. Just like you. After the Times broke the story, Getz confirmed to Axios that he was under federal investigation for sexual misconduct and was worried about criminal accusations. But rather, as expected, he claims to be the victim of all these things, stating that “some of his claims are not true.” Gates, who is currently engaged to a woman 12 years younger than him, claimed that he was a “generous” partner during the day, paying for planes and hotel rooms. “I think someone is trying to show it to the criminals, even though it isn’t,” he said. Why does someone want to do it? Now, in a statement released Tuesday, Gates said he and his family were victims of organized crime blackmail, including a former DoJ employee seeking $ 25 million while threatening to defame my name. It has become. ” He claimed that the investigation was a cover of blackmail, suggesting that it was related to the “Bidden White House.” This is a strange claim given that the New York Times reports that an investigation into Donald Trump’s Loyalist Gates began in the last few months of the Trump administration under then Attorney General William Barr. .. Things get really weird here. According to the Washington Post, several glyphters who learned of the investigation into Getz decided to take this opportunity to incite the legislator’s father. They reportedly wrote to Don Gates saying there was a picture of his son doing “child prostitution.” But if Gates gives them a lot of money, they will help Gates. The idea, dubbed “Project Homecoming,” was to use the money to find and rescue Robert Trebinson, a former FBI agent who was kidnapped in Iran in 2007. Joe Biden was so excited about the rescue that he forgave Gates. What is the conclusion? It seems plausible that Gates is involved in a really strange blackmail plot. However, there are two possible scenarios here. Scenario 1: Gates does nothing wrong and tells the truth about being the victim of a widespread conspiracy organized by his political rivals that began when Gates’ buddy Trump was in power. I will. Scenario 2: There is no major conspiracy against parliamentarians. Several opportunists just jumped into an investigation into him as a way to make money. I don’t know you, but the second scenario seems pretty plausible to me. After all, it’s important that every drama doesn’t distract from the real problem here. It seems that a sitting lawmaker is investigating sexual trafficking and has a connection with a man who has already been charged with sexual trafficking. It doesn’t look very good to Gates. In fact, it seems terrible that a Gates correspondent suddenly quit his job on Friday. The allegations against Gates are still under investigation, but it is worth noting that Gates faced previous accusations of interfering with sexual activity. In January 2020, Republican lawmaker Chris Latvala tweeted that Gaetz “created a game in which FL House members earn’points’ by sleeping with aides, internships, lobbyists, and married legislators.” Did. Getz also reportedly boasted of his sexual exploitation and showed other lawmakers a nude photo of the woman he was sleeping with. According to CNN, he showed his colleagues these pictures while he was at work. By the way, Gates was also the only member of the Diet to vote against the bipartisan anti-trafficking bill. Many of his colleagues also talked about “love for alcohol and illicit drugs, and his propensity for young women.” I don’t know exactly what Gates did or didn’t do, but I know he’s obsessed with scandals rather than actually doing the job. He joked with Elon Musk last week about how the scandal involving him was called Gaetz Gate. The fact that this man is a member of the House of Representatives bothers me. It shows how low we have set the standards for (male) politicians. It’s unfair for people to imply that the boy, Gates, has an improper relationship with his “son” Nester, to Gates the benefits of suspicion I should state for the record I wrote last year. Have you ever regretted giving it? And, for the sake of clarity, there is no evidence that the relationship is inadequate. But I did learned my lesson. He never even vaguely defends Matt Gaetz. The rise of grand influencers After modeling their grandson’s gender-neutral fashion line at Paris Fashion Week, two octets spread by word of mouth. They are part of the growth trend of “granfluencers”. After all, Ivanka’s women’s empowerment program is less empowering The Government Accountability Office has issued a very unpleasant report on Ivanka Trump’s women’s empowerment initiative. I’m as shocked about this as you are with me. How Mrs. Mary Wortley Montag’s Bold Experiments Connected to Smallpox Vaccines Edward Jenner was credited with inventing the smallpox vaccine in 1796. Before Jenner’s experiment. Of course, she gained zero credit for her thoughts at the time and was accused of being an “ignorant woman.” Andrew Cuomo is fighting to build a skyscraper called Pen 15 in Manhattan. I wish this was a joke, but it’s not. The Governor of New York has faced many scandals, but has reportedly refused to resign and is engrossed in the real estate project. Probably because the people behind it gave him a lot of money for his campaign. The only person who may be worse off at pawtriarchy’s weekly Cuomo is the genius who tried to see the gold collector off as a lion at a zoo in China. The zookeeper may have been inspired by an incident that happened at another zoo in China a few weeks ago. There, a wolf cage housed a Rottweiler. It might be interesting without the fact that many Chinese zoos are notorious and cruel.