France vows to move forward with a vaccine pass despite parliamentary glitches

Paris — French government officials on Tuesday are planning a law to block unvaccinated people from hospitality facilities even though the bill ran into procedural issues overnight in parliament in mid-January. I vowed to enact it by.

“January 15 will continue to be our goal,” Clement Beaune, Minister of State for Europe, told LCI Television for the law to come into force.

So far, France has enforced the COVID-19 Health Pass. This means that you need to show a fresh negative test or proof of vaccination to get on a restaurant, cafe, cinema or train.

The law removes the option of showing negative tests and effectively bans unvaccinated people from hospitality facilities and trains.

Faced with fierce resistance from anti-vaccination activists and far-right and far-left groups, it is backed by a majority of parliamentary governments.

Fierce parliamentary debate on the new law was stopped shortly after midnight on Monday, after the majority of lawmakers voted to suspend the session. Parents were surprised and there were not enough members in the meeting room to thwart the motion.

The heads of various parliamentary groups need to set new dates to resume discussions, said Annie Genevad, vice president of parliament in the House of Representatives.

After being voted in the House of Representatives, the new law must be voted by the Senate before it comes into force on January 15.

“Members and ministers concerned with parliamentarians will discuss today’s schedule. Parliament and parliament can be seated and accelerated on weekends. We need to move fast,” Beaune said. ..

The proposed strengthening of the rules has offended activists against vaccination. Some lawmakers who support the bill say they are exposed to attacks, including vandalism and violent threats.

Dominique Vidaron