France’s COVID-19 “Health Pass” Expands Despite Protests

On Monday, the French government expanded more activities requiring the use of the COVID-19 “Health Pass”, despite massive protests against such measures.

Extensions of the pass include visits to hospitals, intercity trips, and transfers to restaurants and cafes.

Pass is evidence of vaccination, negative COVID-19 test, or recovery from illness. From July 21st, it will be mandatory for events and cultural facilities where more than 50 people gather, such as sporting events and movie theaters.

NS Pass It is scanned upon admission to the venue or event and contains a paper or digital QR code.

Currently not required for children, but after August 30th, all persons over the age of 12 must show proof of exemption before entering an event or public space.

Individuals are fully vaccinated 7 days after the second dose of Physer, Moderna, or AstraZeneca vaccine, 4 weeks after the first dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine, or 7 days after the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. It is considered to have been done. Previous infection.

This path is part of a government attempt to curb the increase in COVID-19 and encourage vaccination. As of Sunday, more than 37 million people or 55.5 percent of French people have been fully vaccinated.

“Passes and vaccination drives should help avoid the new curfew and blockade,” said Health Minister Olivier VĂ©ran. French daily Le Parisien Protests against the pass continued on Saturday for four consecutive weeks, requiring health care workers to be vaccinated on September 15.

Vaccine orders protest
Protesters have a sign that says “No to Health Pass” during a demonstration in Marseille, southern France, on August 7, 2021. (Daniel Corl / AP photo)

According to the Interior Ministry, more than 200,000 people have demonstrated nationwide, including 17,000 in Paris last weekend. Opponents of Pass and other obligations claim that their civil liberties have been violated.

In response to the protest, Veran announced a minor change to the Health Pass rules. The government will accept negative PCR or antigen tests within the last 72 hours instead of the original 48 hours. In addition, negative self-tests performed under medical supervision are also effective.

France recorded more than 20,000 COVID-19 cases and 30 deaths on Sunday, according to the report. Over the past 6 weeks, new cases have continued to increase, but hospitalizations and deaths have not increased at the same rate as past waves.

The strict COVID-19 rules are valid until November 15.

Meyrin Lee

Meiling Lee is a health reporter for The Epoch Times.