France’s “False” Surprise About Submarines: Deputy Prime Minister of Australia

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce defended Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison in a line of diplomats with France that erupted this week on Wednesday.

Joyce, who was prime minister while Morrison was abroad, talked to ABC Radio and French President Emmanuel Macron, who calls Morrison a liar, has more diplomatic issues than the text message leaked as evidence to refute Macron’s allegations. Said that.

Macron told an Australian reporter in Glasgow that he knew Morrison had lied about the A $ 90 billion (US $ 67 billion) submarine deal.

Joyce said Leak was “not unusual” enough to call other country leaders “otherwise a liar,” reported.

“We had key political leaders call the Australian Prime Minister a liar, and you can’t do that diplomatically,” Joyce said.

“Other leaders in other countries cannot be called liars.

“No [the leader of] Great country of France. Some tinpot countries in the middle of where, well, I think you can say what you like. “

The deputy prime minister has long sought an “emergency response plan” before Australia’s multi-billion dollar submarine contract with the French naval group was revoked in support of a security agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom. Said that.

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Senator Penny Wong at the Houses of Parliament in Canberra, Australia, March 24, 2021. (Sam Mooy / Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Labor Party diplomatic spokesman Penny Wong opposes leaking text messages.

She told ABC Radio on Thursday.

“This is vandalism, it is vandalism.

“The way this has been dealt with by the government is to ignore our international reputation.”

Her comment comes after France’s ambassador to Australia, Jean-Pierre Tebeau, considers the canceled submarine contract to be “pierced from behind.”

However, Morrison has previously pointed out that in the five years since the first French agreement was made, the geopolitical landscape has changed enough to justify nuclear ships, which is most useful to Australia’s national interest. Insisted that the decision was made.

To this end, Australia announced the AUKUS Agreement with the United States and the United Kingdom in September.

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On August 25, 2019, French Ambassador Jean-Pierre Tebaud, who was in charge of preparing for the G7 Summit at the time, speaks on his mobile phone while working in Biarritz, southwestern France. (LudovicMarin / AFP via Getty Images)

Thebault said the leak of personal text to the Australian media was an “unprecedented new low.”

“Doing so also gives a very worrying signal. For all heads of state, be aware that there will be a leak in Australia,” Thebault told the National Press Club Wednesday.

Morrison denied the French government’s misunderstanding and claimed that concerns about the submarine project had been raised for some time.

When asked if his office leaked a text message with Macron, Morrison replied, “Allegations were made and those allegations were refuted.”

“We have made it very clear that there are very serious issues in proceeding with this deal,” he told reporters on his way back from the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Joyce justified the leaked text.

“What else do you do? Either you are a liar or you defend your position and say not,” he said.

Kuomintang leader Joyce also argued that media coverage from February should have been enough to warn France that the deal was shaking.

“This big surprise camouflage [by France] … that’s not true, “he said.

Joyce added that all business contracts have conditions for extension, suspension, and improvement.

“One of the terms and conditions [for the French submarines] If that didn’t work, we had the right to get out of it, “he said.

He argued that Australia would continue to respect France “because it is a great country.”

AAP contributed to this report.

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