Franklin Graham believes that Jesus will be vaccinated against the COVID vaccine. He is still catching sadness.

Evangelist Franklin Graham is still saddened by some of his Facebook followers a few weeks after Jesus said he supported the COVID-19 vaccination.

Based on the Parable of the Good Samaritan, Graham said he concluded that Jesus would have supported vaccination of all kinds.

He said no one had to endure what his staff and some of his family did after being infected with the coronavirus.

“I spent weeks on a ventilator and was hospitalized for months as a result,” Graham said.

“Vaccines are effective against polio, smallpox, measles, flu and many other deadly illnesses. Why isn’t this virus effective?” Graham posted last month.

“Both my wife and I were vaccinated, and at the age of 68, I want to withdraw as many miles as possible from these old bones!”

However, some of his followers are still smoking about his COVID vaccine recommendations.

“You’re my friend Franklin Graham leading your sheep to slaughter,” the woman posted on Friday.

Another woman posted, “The Devil is sold out.”

“Stop it,” said another person last week. “It’s not your job as a pastor to talk to people to get a vaccine that is considered experimental.”

“I don’t vaccinate !!!” posted by yet another woman. “God knew when and how I would die.”

The woman said she had cancer twice. “And I’m still here. I’m 77. My God is good.”

Others favored Graham.

“God has blessed us, and that blessing is a vaccine,” the woman posted.

To anti-vaxxers, the man said somewhat angry: “If you get COVID and it doesn’t clog our hospital, you hydrate well and get enough rest in a natural way. I hope that. “

Another woman instead asked, to avoid discussion. Really. “

Last year, the Charlotte-based Billy Graham Missionary Association launched a 24-hour COVID-19 prayer line. Graham, chairman and chief executive officer of the association, said thousands of Americans called in a few days.