“Free Convoy” protests continue until Sunday

Ottawa — The “Freedom Convoy” protest continued overnight in Ottawa, with trucks and vehicles still stopping in the heart of downtown Ottawa, people gathering at the Capitol and launching fireworks.

and statement“No cases of violence or injury have been reported,” Ottawa police said.

After some people hung up Canadian flags and signs on vehicles parked at the Terry Fox statue and the National War Memorial, police said, “We have taken steps to protect these areas,” and “always respected. Should be. “

Police also said they faced several challenges with demonstrators, such as “sporadic road blockades by trucks,” but the situation was “escalated and resolved without being arrested.” “.

Organizers of the protest say they will stay in Ottawa until their request to lift COVID-19’s obligations is met.

Freedom Convoy 2022 began as a protest against the federal government’s vaccination obligations against cross-border truck drivers between the United States and Canada, but has since participated in campaigns to protest various COVID-19 restrictions and obligations. Has expanded.

The first convoy departed from the West Coast on January 23, with more trucks from different parts of the country gathering to protest in the capital from this weekend to next week.

Several other escort trucks and protests were held on January 29, in solidarity across the country, including highways and the legislature.

Limin Zhou


Limin Zhou is an Ottawa-based reporter.

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.