Free Convoy Protests Over Canada COVID-19 Vaccine Directive Closes Major US and Canadian Bridges

Protests against Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine obligation have forced one of the busiest crossroads between Canada and the United States. This serves as an important point for moving goods between the two countries.

Canada Border Services Agency says Ambassador BridgeTemporary closureAs of Wednesday.

Windsor police approached Ambassador Bridge along Huron Church Road on Tuesday as protests “blocked normal vehicle traffic but allowed a limited amount of access to the Ambassador Bridge.” He said that he increased his presence.

“Police officers are on the scene dealing with traffic points, public security, and enforcement,” police said. “Commercial vehicles have been redirected to Sarnia’s Bluewater Bridge. The Detroit-Windsor tunnel remains open to non-commercial vehicles. Avoid the area, use different routes and monitor for updates on social media. please.”

In a later update, Windsor police said the bridge between cities in southwestern Ontario and Detroit would be reopened for traffic to the United States and accessible from the western entrance to Wyandot Street.

Ontario Police in Essex County to plan alternative routes to the border via highway 402 for drivers heading to the Ambassador Bridge border for “ongoing demonstrations in the Windsor region” I advised.

The Michigan Department of Transportation said the Ambassador Bridge remains closed on the US side. The ministry said that people traveling to Canada should do so via the Port Huron intersection that connects the American city to Sarnia, Ontario.

Canadian police also warned Another border crossing closure On Tuesday, this time in Katz, Alberta, the north and south lanes were closed due to protests.

The protest began as a truck driver demonstration in response to a federal vaccine order for truck drivers, which came into effect on January 15, despite opposition from members of the truck industry.

Under mandate, Canadian drivers returning to Canada must be vaccinated to keep them out of quarantine. The US Department of Land Security has announced similar requirements from 22 January to non-US citizens across unvaccinated US, including non-US truck drivers.

However, the protests called “Freedom Convoy” have since gained momentum and have evolved into a larger movement involving people from all over Canada who oppose various COVID-19 obligations and restrictions.

Protest organizers say their demonstrations are peaceful.

However, Ottawa police said they had made multiple arrests in connection with the demonstration over the weekend and began seizing fuel, warning that bringing fuel to the “Red Zone” demonstration truck could be arrested.

“So far, there have been more than 60 criminal investigations related to demonstrations, mainly for mischief, theft, hate crimes, and property damage,” officials said.

Windsor police said on Tuesday that they maintained communication with key organizers, but demonstrators warned that they were “found to be committing crimes and violence, investigated and prosecuted.” did.

“This includes the execution of traffic-related crimes and the investigation of criminal activity,” police said.

The organizers of Freedom Convoy 2022 state that COVID-19’s obligations are “destroying our business, industry, and livelihood foundations.”

Meanwhile, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he would not meet with protesters.

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