Freedom Convoy 2 Convenes in Winnipeg in February

The second iteration of Freedom Convoy will head to Winnipeg, Manitoba in February. This is to commemorate those who supported his campaign against the federal government’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates and restrictions in Ottawa last winter.

Dubbed the “World Unity Convoy,” the convoy will converge in Winnipeg for a four-day event starting February 17, 2023.

“We will invite groups from all over the country to come together and join us in realizing better future solutions for children around the world and in Canada.” Facebook Livestream Christmas day.

“Anyone who wants to join us on this journey, we invite those who are able to participate multiculturally and multi-spiritually, and we will keep you updated along the way.”

Winnipeg, he said, was chosen because it is the “halfway point of Canada” where people from coast to coast can participate.

“We will be able to escort across the country,” said Bigbear. “We will continue to build momentum from the west coast of BC to the east coast…and see you at the halfway point in the heartbeat of Canada.”

Another organizer, Ron Clark, added that motorcades would come “from the north and south” that day.

“We have reached out to many countries and many are very excited about and participating in this movement. Alberta Said.

“Right from Ottawa”

Founder James Bowder canada unityconfirmed during a livestream that it had previously announced that a new convoy was considering coming to Ottawa.

According to a December 19 CTV News report, the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) has begun preparations by purchasing equipment for a potential reduction in the Freedom Convoy.

“How we approach Convoy 2.0 is to ensure that the downtown core is safe and that there are no vehicle-based protests,” OPS new chief Eric Stubbs told media. Told.

Social media personality Andy Lee posted on Twitter in response to the news the next day, commenting that the new convoy was unlikely to visit the capital.

“Caution,” OPS, she wrote. “I’ll tell you. And you’ll know because I meet with the organizers every week. The chances of Freedom Convoy returning to Ottawa in February are very slim at this point.”

Lee told The Epoch Times at the time that he didn’t want the city to waste its resources and also contacted OPS directly.

Bauder said in a Dec. 25 livestream that the convoy will pass through Ottawa but will be driven in a way that allows residents to participate.

“I’m going to come right out of Ottawa and come with the convoy,” he said.

“Celebration and Commemoration”

Team (Together Everyone Advances Mankind) World Unity spokesperson Serena Winterburn said next year’s convoy will not take the form of protest, but rather “celebration and commemoration.”

“This is to celebrate and commemorate citizens across the country and around the world united in 2022, sharing a common vision and goal of a stronger, more united nation, where the rights and freedoms of its citizens are respected. It’s an event that’s coming to 2020. And it’s an honor,” said Winterburn, also known as “Serena Freedom Bear” on Facebook. video post December 25th.

The four-day gathering will consist of rallies, events, ceremonies and guest speakers that the group is a new partnership “forged between like-minded, freedom-loving individuals and organizations across Canada,” the spokesperson said. person said.

“Since this is a peaceful gathering, the CSIS [Canadian Security Intelligence Service], you better mark your calendar. For police, the Winnipeg Police have already noticed. ”

Noé Chartier contributed to this report.

Isaac Theo

Isaac Teo is a Toronto-based reporter for the Epoch Times.