Freedom Convoy: Canada’s Blue Collar Revival


The revival of blue-collar workers is underway, something that the country has never seen before.

The Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa symbolize the frustration of Canada’s blue-collar workforce. When the pandemic was rampant, these people placed people in our hospitals, grocery stores, and critical infrastructure. They were pandemic heroes. Two years later, those who refuse to be vaccinated are dismissed and despised by the federal government, which appears to be desperately untouched by the reality of working-class life.

Unlike Justin Trudeau’s character, Freedom Convoy does not consist of “fringe minorities”. Rather, it’s a well-organized display that steams the power of raw Canadian blue-collar workers. They are not trivial as the federal government is trying to learn. Difficult way.

The power to shake the boat

The time has come for governments to remember that their proper place is not as an authoritarian who imposes their will, but as a servant of the people. Two years ago, when the pandemic was in dire straits, the Canadians were willing to give the government a blank check to rule freely and see us through. As long as our standard of living was maintained and the shelves were stockpiled, we were willing to hunt and did what we needed to do.

However, the written agreement was that individual liberty would be returned without delay. What started in two weeks to flatten the curve has turned into a two-year permanent blockade and mandate. So we find that we are in the same position as we were at the beginning of this turmoil. This is now obvious and the amount of scapegoat and deflection does not change it.

Starting with medical and federal workers, the government has a strict policy on vaccination. Those who chose not to obey became demons and were accused of prolonging the pandemic. From heroes to zero, as the signs of protest say. The truck driver is on the same ship. The difference is that they have the means to rock the boat and that they rock the boat they have. These truck drivers no longer believe that the government has their best interests in mind, and they have decided to do something big about it.

Tracker as an ambassador

Canada has blue-collar roots. We have a share of great politicians and cultural leaders, but much of our heritage lies in the pioneering spirit of fur traders and indigenous peoples of the land.

These truck drivers are modern ambassadors of Canada’s blue-collar roots. They are familiar to all merchants throughout the country and should not be underestimated. From electricians and craftsmen to loggers, miners and farmers, there is a formidable network of diligent people who make up the country. Their work is not always clean and easy and often dangerous, but these are noble professionals.

Blue-collar workers across the country punch far beyond their weight. They like to be alone to raise their families, build communities and live in peace. When their hard-earned work is threatened, they mobilize to protect their interests. What Ottawa doesn’t understand is that blue-collar workers are the glue that holds the country together. They are plumbers who unclog your drains on Christmas Eve, vice referees who regain power in the coldest depths of winter, and truck drivers who deliver goods throughout the country and we on store shelves. We will accumulate the necessities and wonderfulness that we take for granted.

About blue-collar workers, they get things done. They do not deal with summaries. They work with the immediacy of harsh reality and find ways to accomplish the task at hand. They are accustomed to adversity and are unaffected by courtesy and empty promises.

Male and female Freedom Convoy truck drivers who trekked all over the country to Ottawa in the middle of winter like Brigadier General are very long and powerful spear tips. If the federal government continues to hostile and despise these truck drivers, there is a risk of alienating and offending those who continue to keep the country functioning. As the truck driver said, this is not about vaccination. It’s about the government’s overkill and injustice into the lives of the average hard-working Canadian. It is patriotism that is gaining momentum rapidly. As the convoy headed for Ottawa, crowds of all towns and cities cheered, building momentum and goodwill every mile.

This is the biggest challenge the country has ever seen in government overshoots since the pandemic restrictions began. Not only Canada, but the whole world is in sync to see this worker’s confrontation with the government elite. In contrast to our federal leaders, there are no virtues or epic stories, only courage and action.

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Ryan Moffat


Ryan Moffatt is a Vancouver-based journalist.