Freedom Convoy organizers say they are not blocked by emergency law

Organizers of Ottawa-Freedom Convoy say they will continue to protest on Parliamentary Hill, despite the federal government’s state of emergency.

“We are not afraid. In fact, every time the government decides to further suspend our civil liberties, our determination grows and the importance of our mission becomes clearer. Demands the termination of COVID-19 obligations.

“We maintain peace, but we are planted on the hills of Parliament until the mission is decisively completed. We recognize that there is a democratic process of change. I’ve never been out of the process, and I’m not going to do that. “

Trudeau was the first prime minister to use the emergency law. The bill was last written by Trudeau’s father and then Prime Minister during the October 1970 crisis when Quebec separatists kidnapped and killed Quebec’s Cabinet Minister Pierre Trudeau. It is an alternative to the War Measures Act used.

The law provides protests and blockades, including providing legal means to reduce funding for protesters, freezing corporate accounts of companies whose trucks are being used to block, and removing insurance. Gives the state additional authority to deal with.

Ontario and the city of Ottawa have also declared a state of emergency against the protests.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talks about ongoing protests in Ottawa and blockages at various borders between Canada and the United States in media availability on February 11, 2022, in the west block of Parliamentary Hill in Ottawa. increase. (Justin Tan / Canadian Press)

The protests were initially initiated by truck drivers who opposed the obligation to vaccinate COVID-19 for cross-border travel. When the truck driver’s convoy headed for Ottawa in protest, many supporters joined the movement, which turned into a massive protest against all COVID-19 obligations and restrictions. Many protesters gathered in Ottawa on January 29 have stated that they intend to stay in the capital until the COVID-19 obligations are lifted.

Separately, protesters have set blockages at border crossings in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, and British Columbia. The blockade of the Ambassador Bridge between Windsor and Detroit, which accounts for hundreds of millions of dollars in trade between Canada and the United States, was lifted over the weekend.

“Urgent law is used to strengthen and support law enforcement agencies at all levels across the country. It keeps Canadians safe, protects people’s work, and trusts our institutions. It’s about recovering, “Trudeau said.

“Police have given more tools to restore order where public rallies can constitute illegal and dangerous activities such as blockades and occupations, as seen in Ottawa, Ambassador Bridge, etc. Will be. “

Rich said Canadians “must be surprised” that such “extreme measures” are being used against peaceful protesters.

“There are countless vulnerable people in our crowd, such as children, the elderly and the disabled, who cannot be empowered by true liberal democracy. The right to peaceful protests is for our country. It’s sacred. If that principle is abandoned, the government will reveal itself as a true democracy and lose all its credibility, “Rich said.

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Children will participate in a Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa on February 9, 2022, against the obligations and restrictions of COVID-19. (Jonathan Ren / The Epoch Times)

She said she was aware that some people were against the protest, but said democratic societies “will always have significant disagreements and legitimate dissidents.” ..

“There are many reasons we oppose the mission,” Rich said. “Some of us have been abused by the government, including many of the indigenous communities who have personally experienced malpractice. Some of us simply want physical independence and are in principle. Some people oppose obligations for reasons. Regardless of our reasons or opinions, it is how the government responds to its citizens that determines the fate of the country. “

“No matter what you do, we will keep the line,” he said to Prime Minister Rich.

“There is no threat to scare us,” she said.

Brian Peckford, a former Prime Minister of Newfoundland, spokesperson for Freedom Convoy, said this was “a very, very strange moment in our history.”

“This is also a government overkill. We don’t do this in Canada. We have a dialogue,” Peckford said.

“I understand that the Government of Canada has never contacted a truck driver since arriving in this capital. It gives great power to the public, even though they haven’t taken any action on their own. I find it very difficult to understand how to justify taking measures such as emergency measures that can be taken. “

Limin Zhou


Limin Zhou is an Ottawa-based reporter.

Omid Ghoreishi


Omid Ghoreishi is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.

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