“Freedom Convoy” protests are spreading around the world as truck drivers lead the fight against orders

Following the tactics used by Canadian truck drivers in Ottawa, groups from the Netherlands, Austria, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand have been formed, and truck driver-inspired protests are gaining momentum around the world. It seems.

Ottawa’s protest, known as the “Freedom Convoy,” aims to abolish Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine obligations. That is, for truck drivers who cross the US-Canada border. Mayor of Ottawa declared an emergency on Sunday night, police arrested him and began seizing truck driver fuel.

In New Zealand, truck drivers are reported to have launched convoys from both the North and South Islands. They will converge on Wellington, the capital of the country, according to To the New Zealand Herald.

One of the truck drivers who called himself only Jess, Said The Toronto Star, where she is trying to organize a truck driver protest in New Zealand, has some of the world’s toughest COVID-19 restrictions because “her country had to hear a call to stand up.” increase.

After communicating with the truck driver via social media, she confirmed that the two groups would converge on Wellington in the near future.

Epoch Times Photo
Agricultural vehicles participating in a truck convoy protesting the COVID-19 Directive parked in Ottawa on February 5, 2020. (Provided by SimonAlary)

“I think you’re starting to see what’s going to be a big global movement to end these missions,” said Brian Brace, co-sponsor of the US protest. Said Sunday Fox News mentions vaccine requirements. “Being obliged to get this vaccine is a violation of your human rights. If you want it, get it, but because you are obliged to get it, we I’m against it. I think it’s wrong. “

Last week, the organizers of Freedom Convoy in the United States criticized Facebook after social media giants removed a page to organize protests.Truck driver Said Fox News that they were planning to drive from California to Washington DC

British truck drivers will also be demonstrating against their mission outside Glasgow, driving to the capital, Edinburgh, before heading to London. Said Scottish Daily Express newspaper. Freedom Convoy departs not only to the cities of Manchester, Exeter, Bristol and Bournemouth in the United Kingdom, but also to the cities of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

In the Netherlands, dozens of trucks and other vehicles gathered in Leeuwarden on Sunday to protest local COVID-19-related obligations and restrictions, according to the local NL Times.video Post The group was shown by “Freedom Convoy Nederland”.

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On February 2, 2022, a convoy of trucks blocked a highway at the US Border Crossing in Katz, Arta, gathering protesters against COVID-19’s obligations. (Canadian Press / Jeff McIntosh)

Elsewhere in Europe, Austrian business owner and organizer Alam Remar told the outlets that he had received a commitment from about 2,500 cars to drive to the capital Vienna to protest Mandate. Recently, Austria has passed a law requiring vaccinations for all eligible people over the age of 18. Otherwise, you will be fined heavily.

Police in the Australian Capital Territory also said they expect the size of the “convoy to Canberra” crowd to peak on February 8, when the Australian Parliament reopens. Protesters led by truck drivers are expected to gather outside the Capitol.

It happens when Mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson declares a state of emergency on Sunday, claiming the “serious danger” caused by the protests of truck drivers. The organizers of the protest say their move is peaceful.

“Important: Anyone trying to bring physical support (such as gas) to demonstrators could be arrested. Ottawa police also said in a statement on Sunday’s social media.

This decision was made by the Judicial Center for Constitutional Freedom, a group representing truck drivers.

“In a free and democratic society dominated by the rule of law, citizens are free to interact with each other, including giving and receiving goods and gifts. Ottawa police give fuel and food to other Canadians. There is no law that allows people to be arrested, “said Nicholas Ones Butter, a lawyer at the Judicial Center for Constitutional Freedom. statement..

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