Freeland says conservatives are ‘huffing and puffing’ on affordability issues

The Conservatives this week continued to pressurize the Liberals over the cost of living and put forward two motions to stop the tax hike, but Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, as she said she would support, simply “huff and puff. The GST rebate proposed by the government.

“Looking past every huff and puff, every stride and stance, here’s what happened this week: The Conservatives made a U-turn and embraced a targeted, financially responsible plan. Almost $500,” Freeland said during a House question session on Thursday.

House Majority Leader Andrew Scheer Said Earlier this week, CTV was due to back a Liberal Party move to temporarily double GST credits to about 11 million Canadians.

“Putting taxes back into the pockets of Canadians is something the Conservative Party has always supported,” Mr Cher said.

Along with calling for the cancellation of the planned carbon tax hike in April, Conservative Party leader Pierre Polivre said the Liberals would increase contributions to the Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance (EI) starting in 2023. should also be canceled.

Mr Freeland told the House of Commons, “The Conservatives will defeat their utterly reckless ploy to drain our pensions and EI, help Canadians pay their rent and take their children to the dentist. It’s time to support the plan of

Freeland had hinted at other affordable measures her government would seek to pass in Congress.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister were answering on behalf of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, on behalf of Polivre. visit Quebec’s Magdalen Islands after Hurricane Fiona.

Polivre quoted Angus Reed after Freeland’s ‘huff and puff’ remarks poll This suggests that 51% of Canadians now say it is difficult to support a family.

“Canadians have a hard time eating in Canada, a G7 country,” Poilievre said.

“Most people can’t afford food. That’s seven years of this liberal government. Canadians have no money and this government is out of touch. And why aren’t they canceling the tax increase?”

Polivre’s motion to reverse the carbon tax hike was defeated in the House of Commons on September 28, in line with party policy.

On September 29, Scheer submitted a new motion asking the government not to raise new taxes on “gas, food, home heating and checks.”

Noe Chartier


NoƩ Chartier is a reporter for the Epoch Times based in Montreal. Twitter: @NChartierET Gettr: @nchartieret