Freeland says soaring energy prices should drive a green transition


Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland says the government is absolutely concerned about the struggle Canadians are facing as a result of inflation, but the current energy crisis will focus on the green transition. Claims to be one reason.

After Freeland made similar comments on Tuesday, some critics accused her of not worrying about the suffering of Canadians.

Conservative Prime Minister Candice Bergen has clearly stated that liberals prefer soaring gas prices and “doesn’t respect” how serious the soaring prices were to Canadian families. ..

Freeland says it is categorically untrue and points out the government’s response to inflation, including planned increases in many federal benefit programs.

She is very aware that the government is more expensive than ever for food, gas and housing, but that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the supply chain crisis have been exacerbated by China’s “Zero Corona Policy.” He said he was almost completely blaming.

But she also states that the transition from fossil fuels is an “insurance policy” against rising energy prices, as Canada does not rely on fluctuations in energy prices caused by global events.

Canadian press