Freeman accused of opposition to non-essential travel advice

Air Canada planes will take off from Montreal Tordeau Airport in Montreal on December 5, 2021. This is because the COVID-19 pandemic continues in Canada and around the world. (Canadian Press / Graham Hughes)

Ottawa — Liberal Party lawmakers have been accused by his party leader of opposition to the advice not to travel abroad unless travel is essential.

Supreme Government whip Steven MacKinnon said in a statement Wednesday that he was “extremely disappointed” that Liberal MP Eve Lobilard traveled outside Canada, contrary to party instructions.

Whip says liberal parliamentarians were told to avoid non-essential overseas travel, as the COVID-19 Omicron variant enhances its grip.

This instruction reflects the government’s advice to the general public in trying to curb the spread of highly contagious variants of COVID.

McKinnon said that while Robilard was fully vaccinated, MP travel during the holidays of Parliamentarians was not considered mandatory and, as a result, was removed from his role as a member of the Defense Standing Committee. Said that it would be done.

McKinnon, who did not mention Robilard’s destination or the reason for the trip, intends to talk to Parliamentarians about his decision to leave Canada when Parliamentarians return.

Robillard did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

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