French Army Chief of Staff said UN reports on airstrikes were biased

General Francois Lucintor, left

General François Lucintor (left) states that the UN report was incorrect and prejudiced.

The French chief criticized UN reports accusing his army of killing 19 civilians in a wedding airstrike in Mali.

General François Le Cointre told the French newspaper Le Figaro that the report contained signs of error and prejudice and was designed to oppose the locals to France.

France has an army of 5,100 people throughout the Sahel region.

They are fighting the militants associated with al-Qaeda and Islamic State groups.

General Lucintor also said In an interview with Le Figaro He believed that Europe would continue to fight Islamic extremists in the Sahel ten years later, and said European troops would be more involved than they are today.

Without such involvement, Sahel would be a “zone of turmoil” that would destabilize “out of control” illegal immigrants to Europe, he said.

In an interview, General François Lecointre said he was “wrongly prejudiced.” Recent UN Report He accused his army of killing civilians at a wedding in January.

According to a UN survey, there were about 100 civilians at the scene of the strike, five of whom were armed and believed to be members of the jihadist group belonging to al-Qaeda.

“The strike-affected groups were overwhelmingly made up of civilians, who were protected under international humanitarian law,” the United Nations said.

However, General Lucintor said the report was an attack on the legitimacy of the French presence in the region.

“Clearly, this (report) includes an attack on the French army, Operation Barkhane (and) on the legitimacy of our involvement,” General Lucintor reportedly said in Figaro.

“We will systematically face this kind of attempt in the future to disrupt us, discredit us, outlaw our actions and make locals oppose our actions. I think it will be. “

The French Ministry of Defense, the French army, and the Mali government supported the military’s attack on targeting jihadists in a planned operation, denying that there was a wedding, according to AFP news outlets. ..

Despite the presence of thousands of international, regional and local troops, jihadistism is more widespread in Sahel than ever before.

Details of the Sahel Crisis:

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