French consumer confidence stronger than expected in September

A man wearing a protective face mask with a poster of “Mona Lisa” (Lajo Conde) displayed at a closed tourist souvenir shop in an arcade on Rue de Rivoli in Paris during the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in France. Passes by. January 29, 2021. (Gonzalo Fentes / Reuters)

Paris — A monthly survey on Tuesday showed that consumer confidence in France improved more than expected in September as household concerns about unemployment eased.

According to INSEE’s official statistics agency, the Consumer Confidence Index rose from 99 in August to 102, the highest level since June.

This improvement brought confidence back to pre-pandemic levels, surpassing the average forecast of 100 in a Reuters poll of 15 economists.

As the coronavirus crisis subsided, the economy recovered strongly and household concerns about unemployment fell to the lowest levels since February 2020, just before the outbreak in France.

The number of people registered to work for unemployment agencies has dropped sharply since April, and the Ministry of Labor said Monday unemployment claims fell 51,100 in August to 3,308,700, at pre-crisis levels. He said it was slightly higher.