French court ruling Macron’s COVID-19 health pass rules


Paris-The French Constitutional Court meets the Republic’s founding charter on Thursday with a new law requiring citizens to hold a health pass for restaurants and health care workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by mid-September Decide if you want to.

President Emmanuel Macron announced the bill in July. This is because the Delta variant spurred the fourth wave of infection and delivered a clear message that it would be vaccinated.

The French urged a surge in vaccination rates as they faced the possibility of being denied access to bars, restaurants, cafes and cinemas without evidence of vaccination or a recent COVID-19 negative test. ..

Opponents of the measure have accused Macron of trampling his freedom and discriminating against unvaccinated people. In Saturday’s third weekend protest, about 200,000 people march through towns and cities across France, and more are planned.

“Ten tens of thousands of people have lost their hearts to the point that we live in a dictatorship,” Macron said in an interview released Wednesday.

Not being vaccinated was irresponsible and selfish, he said, pointing to new pressure on the health system.

Hospitals along the Riviera and South Occitania regions of Corsica have re-initiated a crisis management program that included postponing some surgery to release the bed.

At the La Cabasse restaurant near the Mediterranean city of Toulon, manager Laurent Bondil said he was confident that the health pass would affect his income, but would comply with the new regulations.

“There are new rules every day,” he lamented. “But the important thing is that we are still here.”

The Constitutional Council will announce its ruling later on Thursday. It can approve the legislation, withdraw it, or approve it, but removes any element that is considered unconstitutional.

According to an Elabe study, the majority of French people approve health pass requirements.

Richard Ruff