French female police officer stabbed by a former prisoner on a potential threat surveillance list

France, Chapel-Sur-Eldor–A former French prisoner on a watch list of potential terrorist threats stabbed a female police officer in her office in western France on Friday and died after a shooting with police. Yes, the government minister said.

Interior Minister Gerald Dalmanin said the victim was seriously injured but is expected to be saved.

The perpetrator was released from prison in March after being sentenced to eight years in prison for violent crimes and was registered in the personal security service registry, which could pose a risk of terrorism.

“He was flagged in 2016 for strict Islamic practices and intensification,” Dharmanin reported after visiting the Chapel-sur-Eldor police station near Nantes, where the attack took place. I told the group.

The attack had a horrifying response to the stabbed death of a female police officer in the suburbs of Paris a month ago.

Stephanie Montferm was killed at a police station doorway by Tunisian citizens who were watching an Islamic religious video beautifying Jihad’s actions shortly before launching the attack.

Dharmanin said Friday’s assault suspect was diagnosed with severe schizophrenia and was being treated after being released from prison. He was placed in an apartment monitored by experts. , And Dharmanin added.

French police
A French soldier stands near a French helicopter on May 28, 2021 in La Chapelle-sur-Eldor, western France, after an assailant stabbed a female police officer and was seriously injured. (Stephane Mahe / Reuters)

The suspect initially fled by car, but was forced to move on foot due to an accident. He was tracked after Manhunt, who was besieged in the suburbs of Chapel-sur-Eldor, involving 250 officers.

The suspect who stole the victim’s gun fired at the police, Dharmanin said.

There was a shooting when police officers moved to arrest a man. The suspect died shortly thereafter, and two police officers were slightly injured by the gun.

Dharmanin said French anti-terrorist prosecutors are not leading the investigation at this time. The minister said he would not be able to determine if this was an act of terrorism.

Domestic security efforts are likely to be central to the campaign ahead of next year’s presidential election.

Opposition leader Marine Le Pen, the strongest challenger to Emmanuel Macron, described the president as vulnerable to security and said police needed more protection.

“We refuse to accept that police attacks will be part of our daily lives. We will finally have to fight this savagery and never get used to it,” Le Pen tweeted.