French filmmaker and actor Jean-Louis Trintignant dies at the age of 91


Paris — French filmmaker, actor and amateur racing driver Jean-Louis Trintignant has died. He was 91 years old.

According to Bertrand Corterini, who ran an actor and a vineyard and visited him before his death on Thursday, Trantignant died in his home in southern France. He didn’t reveal the details. According to French news reports, Trantignant suffered from prostate cancer.

In his career, which began when he was 19, Trantignant has appeared in over 100 films. He was one of the leading actors in postwar France and one of the last performers of his generation.

Compliments were poured after his death was announced on Friday. The French National Cinematech Museum called him “one of the greatest actors in French film history.”

Actor Jean-Louis Trintignant
Actor Jean-Louis Trintignant (R) was awarded the Palme d’Or Award at the 65th International Film Festival in Cannes, Southern France on May 27, 2012. Director Michael Haneke talks while watching. .. (Lionel Cironneau / AP photo)

Born December 11, 1930, near the place of death in Piolenc, southern France, Trantignant began acting in theaters, but became widely known in the film.

He explained that he would look to act to overcome the intense shyness. The actor was reportedly told at Le Monde, “From nothing, it’s a blank page that starts with silence. From there, you don’t have to make a lot of noise to hear.”

He has starred in Italian films and several films by the legendary French director Claude Lelouch, the most famous “A Man and a Woman” in 1966, and won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

Trantignant stopped playing for nearly a decade after losing his daughter Marie, who was also an actor in 2003. Her boyfriend, the popular French singer Bertrandantat, beat her to death during a dispute in a hotel room in Lithuania. movie.

Trantignant continued to perform on stage and on screen until the 1980s, gaining new international attention with Michael Haneke’s 2013 Oscar-winning drama “Amour.” This is a live depiction of the devastation of love between an old couple and Alzheimer’s.

In his last role in the film, Trantignant reunited with Lelouch and Amy in the “Best Year of Life” in 2019.

Among the survivors are former racing driver wife Marian Hepfner, actor Vincent Trintignant and grandson Jules Benshetrit.

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