French President Emmanuel Macron wins reelection and defeats Marine Le Pen

Washington-French President Emmanuel Macron cruises for Phase 2 on Sunday A stronger challenge than expected from the far-right populist A person who has attacked the European Union and NATO and has expressed support for Russia.

In the rematch of the 2017 presidential election, Macron, in collaboration with pollsters across the country, led the challenger Marine Le Pen in more than 58% of the votes, according to predictions from French news media.

Le Pen made a concession shortly after the announced forecast. She said she has improved her performance five years ago and is now focusing on the party’s legislative elections.

“The game isn’t completely over,” she told supporters.

Five years ago, Macron defeated Le Pen with more than 66% of the votes.

Macron, 44, who formed his own political party to run for president in 2017, suffers from his economic policies, the COVID-19 pandemic, and more recently protests against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has shaken diplomatic relations. Despite his first term, he won again all over the world.

His reelection also brought about a setback to the populist movement that overturned the politics of the entire western world. From Brexit To success Victor Oban With Hungary Donald Trump In the United States.

“If you put the project together by brick, it’s a project that aims to get out of the EU, even if it’s not explicitly stated,” Macron told Le Pen in the final debate.

U.S. and EU officials reassured

US and European government officials were reassured by the news of Macron’s re-election. Some US analysts pointed out that Macron won, even though the approval rate was less than 40%. This is about the same as President Joe Biden, who is considering his re-election in 2024.

“Interesting observations, for reference” White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain tweeted.. “President Macron seems to have won a double-digit victory over Le Pen when his approval rate was 36%. Hmm …”

Former US ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul said another prominent European mass, Slovenian Prime Minister Janez JanÅ¡a, was also defeated on Sunday, according to the poll’s predictions.

These defeats could be “a huge victory for the renewal of the value of democracy in Europe and a major setback for populist nationalism,” McFaul said. “Maybe the tides of the world are changing?”

Others have pointed out that Le Pen has done better in this French election than it did five years ago, and the conservative populist movement must still be taken seriously in US Europe and elsewhere. Le Pen himself told his supporters, “I will continue to work for the French more than ever.”

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First round:Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen fight for the President of France

Far-right Le Pen came out strongly after the first round

Le Pen was within 5 percentage points of Macron In the first vote two weeks agoIncite the fear of A shift in ultranationalism in French politics.. Le Pen has long supported the anti-immigration agenda, and in this campaign she called on Muslim women to be banned from wearing scarves in public.

In a Friday interview on France’s BFM TV, Macron cast the election as an option to “leave Europe or not” and “abandon or not abandon the secular republic.”

Le Pen said France has delegated its sovereignty to multilateral organizations such as the EU and NATO, reflecting anti-globalist debates across the continent.

In the preparatory stage Sunday electionsFrench voters have expressed concern about the issues shaping politics in the United States and elsewhere, including inflation, the economic downturn, the withdrawal of COVID-19 from the pandemic, immigration, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The photo shows a screen showing a live broadcast between French President Emmanuel Macron (left) and French Far Right Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, broadcast on French television channel TF1 and France 2.  , France, prior to the second round of the French presidential election.

The photo shows a screen showing a live broadcast between French President Emmanuel Macron (left) and French Far Right Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, broadcast on French television channel TF1 and France 2. , France, prior to the second round of the French presidential election.

Macron and Lapen were selected as Top 2 Candidates From the crowded field after the first vote two weeks ago. With a closer margin than expected, Macron finished with 27.85% of the votes and Le Pen finished with 23.15%.

The narrow margin focused on the work of his government and encouraged more political activity by Macron, who had few campaigns before its first round.

A recent poll showed Macron expanding to the top, but the French president warned his supporters not to take anything for granted.

Macron and Russia War in Ukraine

Macron has played an important role In organizing the Western response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, in promoting military support for Ukrainians and economic sanctions on President Vladimir Putin’s government.

Le Pen sympathizes with Putin and Russia, and her victory would have been a major promotional victory for the Putin government.

Macron played the relationship between Le Pen and Russia during the campaign, saying, “When I talk to Russia, I talk to the bankers.” She also said she would cause her anti-Islamic policy to cause a “civil war” in France. ..

After losing the 2017 presidential election, Le Pen tried to soften her image. She overturned her long-standing opposition to the EU currency, the euro, and changed her national front from “National Front” to “National Rally.”

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Attack on Macron:French President Emmanuel Macron slaps his face while traveling in a small village

This time, Le Pen has focused more on the economic instability expressed by many French voters. One of her goals: plans to raise Macron’s pension age from 62 to 65.

The challenger said she “wants to return their money to the French.”

Le Pen’s victory would have meant a dramatic change for the French and for their relations with the EU and NATO, which have close ties to the United States. France is the EU’s second largest economy and has nuclear weapons.

Now Macron gets a second term for his more global agenda.

Historian Simon Schama said, “This will be a nail bitter because France hates Macron so much and Le Penn is now very relieved, an endlessly recurring self-sufficient newspaper predicts. It looks like. “

The result of the French elections is not only a victory for the EU, NATO, and their US allies, but also a warning that the populism of people like Le Pen is not dead.

Benjamin Hadad, senior director of the Europa-Center of the Atlantic Council, said Le Pen received higher votes than it was five years ago. Estimated turnout on Sunday was less than 75%, low by French standards.

“I’m dissatisfied,” Hadad said. “I am angry. I am angry at the expense of my living expenses.”

“It looks like we’re ready to continue pursuing the reformist liberal agenda,” Macron said last week in a powerful debate, regaining his candidacy.

“There is something he has to deal with,” Hadad said. “He knows that.”

This article was originally published in USA TODAY: Macron wins re-election as French President of Marine Le Pen