French President Emmanuel Macron wins reelection

Reuters video

Macron or Le Pen: France faces tough choices

Story: French decide on Sunday (April 24th) whether pro-European Union President Emmanuel Macron will continue to work or will not be seated in the far-right Euroceptic Marine Le Pen. I voted in the election. This is equivalent to a political earthquake. Similar to Brexit and the Donald Trump elections in the United States, it has ended decades of rule by mainstream French leaders and cast doubt on the future of the European Union. Penn’s victory could not be denied. It seemed likely that the turnout was low. Macron warned of a “civil war” if Le Pen, a policy that included a ban on wearing Muslim scarves in public, was elected and called on Democrats of all kinds to support him. He beat Le Pen in the last presidential election five years ago. This was Lionel Fernandez, a voter in the town of the Alps in Annecy. “I usually vote for the left, but that’s blocking. That’s out of the question because I don’t agree with Mr. Le Pen’s policy. I need to unite.” Focused. She states that elitists show that they look down on the general public. And she focused her campaign on rising living costs, which many French say were exacerbated by soaring global energy prices. It worked at Virginie Gruy in Hénin-Beaumont, northern France. “I’m not saying we’ll be richer under Le Pen, but life will be fairer. Everyone will harvest the fruits of their labor, and that’s not the case with Macron. If Macron wins the second season, it’s not an obvious voyage. The fierce protests against his professional business reforms that plagued his presidency are almost certain to continue.