French Senate Opens TikTok Inquiry Commission

PARIS—The French Senate will set up an inquiry commission to investigate the use and influence strategy of Chinese social media company TikTok, according to a statement from the office of Senator Claude Marlet.

The commission aims to find out whether TikTok is undermining foreign users by promoting certain content in parts of the world outside of China.

It also considers the platform’s obligations regarding the protection of personal data.

Chinese social media apps come under scrutiny in Europe and may be subject to stricter EU online content regulations as active user numbers exceed thresholds set by the Digital Services Act (DSA) there is.

Online platforms have also faced criticism in the United States, where a US House committee is set to vote next month on a bill aimed at blocking its use there.

The committee was approved last night by a meeting of presidents of the Senate political group and will begin work on March 1 with 19 members of the Senate.

Marine Strauss