French vaccine passport protests continue until weekend 6


More protests broke out across France over the weekend, opposition to the country’s COVID-19 vaccine passport, and tens of thousands of people marched in Paris and other cities.

The French Interior Ministry told Reuters that about 175,000 people were demonstrating on Saturday. About 215,000 people participated in the demonstration last weekend, and about 237,000 people participated a week earlier.

But as the French people return within a few days of summer vacation, more people could protest next Saturday.

“This health pass divides the French. I think it’s clear, and unfortunately we believe it should be abolished,” said civil servant Sophie Sulas in a protest in Paris. .. EuroNews..

Many people chanted phrases such as “freedom” and “free France.” Others opposed French President Emmanuel Macron, calling for the abolition of vaccine passports that were passed by the French Parliament a few weeks ago and later endorsed by the Supreme Court of the country.

According to local reports, about 200 different demonstrations were held in various cities and towns throughout France.

About a week ago, New York launched its own vaccination passport system in restaurants, gyms, theaters and bars, despite very low vaccination rates in certain demographics in New York. San Francisco has also launched a vaccine passport system.

Pete Sitnick, managing partner of San Francisco’s Waterbar and Epic Steak restaurants, said: according to To CBS News. He said a slowdown in guests entering the restaurant was expected, adding that there would also be opposition from those who disagree with the obligations and scenarios for people to appear undocumented.

Vaccine passport-type systems are controversial in the United States, and some Republican-led states have banned their implementation by state and local governments. Some states have moved to ban private businesses from using passport systems.

March 31 American Civil Liberties Union Said There are serious concerns about the “compromises and failures” that can occur when implementing any type of passport system.

“We are also worried that vaccine passports may encourage abuse,” said the Civil Freedom Group.

“The issue of passport design is separate from the question of when and where people need to submit a vaccination certificate, but it is very easy to request and provide a vaccination certificate through the passport system. In some cases, such a request would probably be overused, as people would be asked for credentials each time. “

Jack phillips

Jack phillips

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