From footage of his life in prison to why his name appears in so many pop songs, TikTokers are discovering scary facts about Jeffrey Dahmer.

A photo of Jeffrey Dahmer and a photo of Evan Peters as Dahmer.

Netflix will release Monsters: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on September 21st.Netflix and Eugene Garcia/Getty Images

  • Netflix’s new series about Jeffrey Dahmer is hugely popular.

  • Clips sharing facts and old interviews with people involved in the case continue to go viral on TikTok.

  • Many people have learned about his crimes for the first time and have expressed shock at what they have seen.

A Netflix series about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is causing controversy on social media.

Pictures of Evan Peters

Even Peters stars as Jeffrey Dahmer in the Netflix

Jeffrey Dahmer became famous when he was convicted of 15 murders in 1992 and sentenced to 957 years in prison.

Dahmer murdered and dismembered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991 and died in prison in 1994.

The life of a serial killer in the meantime dramatized As has been repeated many times in the past, the latest iteration is the Netflix series titled Monsters: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, released September 21, starring American Horror Story actor Evan Peters as Dahmer. I’m here.

The series became the second most-watched show on Netflix within a week of its release, behind only the fourth series of Stranger Things. depending on the deadline.

The show has been controversial, Indifference to victims’ families And of glorify Dahmer’s crimesThere is also a lot of interest on TikTok with hashtags. #dahmer currently has 2.9 billion views.

Many TikTok users, while some may not be old enough to remember Dahmer’s trial, seem to know more about his life and crimes for the first time. We share old footage and facts about him that have gone viral on.

Footage of Dahmer’s 1992 trial testimony has gone viral on the app.

One of the most talked about clips from Jeffrey Dahmer’s trial on TikTok in 1992 was that of Rita Isbell, the daughter of one of Dahmer’s victims, Errol Lindsey.

Isbells Victim Impact Statement, including the moment she famously exclaimed, “Jeffrey I hate you!” It was recreated in the Netflix show. Isbell told an insider She was annoyed by the scene and said Netflix did not contact her before the show.

TikTokers shows footage of the actual trial alongside footage from the show, suggesting that actor DaShawn Burns did a good job recreating the emotional testimony. tick tock The clip has been viewed 11 million times.

“Great acting” with 957 likes in the top comment, while another commenter said, “This scene gave me chills..and how true to real life it was too.” It was raw.I can’t imagine the pain my family was going through.”

Contains other viral clips from the trial Testimony of Tracy EdwardsThe only survivor who escaped from Dahmer, Dahmer’s own final statement in courthe said, “I didn’t want freedom,” and, “Frankly, I wanted death for myself. . Or both, I now believe I was sick. According to a CBS report.

TikTokers are reacting to an interview clip of Dahmer explaining how he killed his victims.

While serving her sentence, Dahmer participated in an interview for the investigative TV show Inside Edition in 1993, serving as host Deborah Norville. asked him about his crime.

A clip of the interview is currently circulating on TikTok. 1 snippets, Recorded 1.1 million views.

Excerpt from an interview with Dahmer explain how he committed his first murder It has 14.4 million views, description of the moment of his arrest has been played 14.7 million times.

TikTokers are reacting to the way Dahmer talks about his crimes in the clip, noting how calm he seemed while speaking to many.

“This is why he’s so dangerous!! Look how calm he is,” said one top comment 75,000 likes! “He’s very calm and a terrible fellow,” said another. Man I have written.

Other commenters said they couldn’t believe how horrific the crimes described in the interviews were. comment 773 likes!

Viewers were fascinated by the peek into Dahmer’s life in prison.

In a 1993 Inside Edition interview, Dahmer also described his daily life in prison, saying that after eating breakfast he slept “until noon” and then “watched TV for most of the night.” . The clip has been reuploaded to TikTok It has received over 15 million views.

Viewers reacted to Dahmer’s description by saying they thought life in prison wasn’t too harsh. “So he was literally chilling,” one person wrote.

Dahmer spent three years and four months in prison before being arrested. Beaten to death by fellow inmate Christopher Scarver While cleaning the bathroom in the gymnasium of the Columbia Institute for Corrections in Portage, Wisconsin.

TikTokers has rereleased footage of an interview with Dahmer’s father to gain even more insight into the killer’s life.

In 2020, Jeffrey’s father Lionel Dahmer starred in the Investigation Discovery documentary series. “Monster Heart” Talk about your experience raising your son.

and clip From the interview, which has been re-uploaded to TikTok and now has 2.5 million views, Lionel said he was “stunned” to learn about Jeffrey’s crimes, his son had a “happy” childhood, and the two were “very happy.” They had a close relationship,” he said. The old home provided by the Dahmer family his movie was also included in the episode.

Lionel has spoken out several times about his relationship with Dahmer following his son’s conviction. In 1994 he biography About his family life, and ten years after Dahmer was murdered in prison, he CNN’s “Larry King Live” “I want to tell parents what I think they should be looking for in raising their children,” he said.

TikTokers said they were intrigued to find out what Lionel had to say about Dahmer’s childhood, and many expressed sympathy for his father.

“Pity for this man. I can feel his pain and guilt for everything his son did,” one commenter wrote.

“My heart is breaking for this man. At the end of the day his son. None of us know what will become of the people,” wrote another.

People are just beginning to understand what the lyrics of the song about Jeffrey Dahmer mean.

Some TikTokers are make a video It shows listening to various songs that reference Dahmer. Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” It features rappers Juicy J, Kesha’s ‘Cannibal’ and three Eminem songs (‘Brainless’, ‘Must Be The Ganja’ and ‘Bagpipes from Baghdad’).

other songs TikTokers include Juice WRLD ft. NBA YoungBoy’s “Bandit,” Juice WRLD’s “Jeffrey,” J. Cole’s “I’m On It,” Tyga’s “Pretty Boy Swag,” Future ft. Nicki Minaj.

Many TikTokers expressed surprise on Twitter that they understood what the lyrics were referring to. A few user was suggested The song was insensitive.

Kesha’s mother, songwriter Pebe Sebert, Posted a TikTok video I will explain the reasoning behind the lyrics of “Cannibal”. Sebert said, “That’s what I wrote for Cannibal. Kesha and the other writer were too young at the time to even know who Jeffrey Dahmer was.”

She explained that the lyrics came from a rhyming program called Master Writer who suggested the lyrics to rhyme with the word “gonner”. Sebert also apologized to the families of Dahmer victims.

This follows other recent instances of TikTokers resurfacing past information.

lots of twitter users Looked surprised that TikTokers only recently learned about Dahmer and his crimes, but as the topic resurfaces in the public eye, historical clips frequently reappear on the app to reach a whole new audience.

Footage of Ellen DeGeneres following controversy and accusations of toxic work environment on her talk show interview The guests It went viral as viewers labeled it “awkward”. Similarly, ‘America’s Next Top Model’ re-appearance video I exploded on my next TikTok Voice of Former Contestants about their negative experiences on the show.

Most recently, TikTokers resurfaced after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Old footage of the royal familyeven as clip of the queen’s funny moments Throughout her life, she expressed her shock at discovering so many clips they had never seen before.

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