From prison, Bill Cosby is already planning a comeback to cause controversy

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Bill Cosby, 83, is outside his home in Elkinspark, Pennsylvania, after the conviction of sexual assault was overturned on June 30. (Mat Slow Cam / Associated Press)

Bill Cosby is, in a nutshell, “overflowing.” And he wants to go back to performance.

“The look is vibrant. The mental state is vibrant. The emotions and humor are vibrant,” spokeswoman Andrew Wyatt told The Times Wednesday. The comedian is “colorful and powerful. It’s more powerful than ever.”

According to Wyatt, 83-year-old Cosby is currently with his family. It was a week after being convicted of three sexual assaults against Andrea Constant. Capsized.. However, according to Wyatt, plans are underway to bring the Cosby Show star back to the stage in the United States, Canada and London.

Mr. Wyatt said Cosby’s next action weaves in the shameful cartoon “vintage storytelling” with observations from his life today, as Cosby works on criminal justice and prison reform based on his own experience. “Including human and civil rights,” he said.

Cosby “gives you a prescription without preservatives,” his representative said.

Performers Convicted in April 2018 Constant administration of drugs and sexual assault. He was sentenced to three to ten years in prison, the length of time he was in prison at Pennsylvania’s largest security facility. They were the only criminal accusations filed against Cosby accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of women.

Cosby’s team, including legal staff, still has to consider details about how the audience, promoters, and “hate-fueling media rebels” will be screened, Wyatt said, but he said. I’m not too worried about my father. In addition, he said, “Tomorrow will not happen.” They have time.

According to Wyatt, in the work: A book written by Frederick WilliamsFeatures Cosby and Wyatt talking about the performer’s experience both through his trials (civil and criminal) and while he was in jail. They also discuss the strategies Cosby and his team used to overcome him all.

In addition, the production is mostly done in a five-part documentary directed by Michelle Major of “Venus and Serena”, which won nine Grammy Awards. This documentary contains the comic’s recent legal experience. Cosby still has to sit down for his interview.

Meanwhile, his release from prison shocked the entire social media last week, landing his longtime friend and former Cosby Show co-star, Filicia Rashad. With hot water After she tweeted her support. (((She later apologized.. )

Wyatt said the U.S. Constitution said that Cosby’s conviction, which the Pennsylvania Supreme Court found infringing due process rights, was overturned by expertise.[wasn’t] Given to us as a suggestion. It was a mission. “

Cosby No innocence was found By the State High Court. Rather, he was found to have had a 2005 agreement with a prosecutor before protecting him from criminal prosecution in exchange for taking testimony in a constant civil trial. Cosby settled a civil lawsuit with a former Temple University employee for $ 3.4 million.

Bill Cosby in the center flashes the sign of victory

Bill Cosby, along with his spokeswoman Andrew Wyatt and an unidentified woman, flashes the sign of victory. (Matt Roke / Associated Press)

The lawyer who charged Cosby, despite the agreement, never documented it, but violated Cosby’s fifth amendment’s right to self-incrimination.

“If the prosecutor promises not to prosecute unconditionally, and if the defendant relies on its guarantee to undermine its constitutional right not to testify, the basics that underpin the legitimate process of law in the criminal justice system. The principle of justice is that promises are fulfilled, “Judge David N. Wecht wrote in a court majority opinion.

60 women accused Cosby of sexual misconduct Dating back to the early 1970s, When I was in my thirties.

“I haven’t changed my stance or story. I’ve always been innocent,” Cosby said. Tweeted statement June 30, the day of his release. “Thanks to all the fans, supporters and friends for overcoming this challenge, especially to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania for supporting the rule of law.”

In a statement last week, the Montgomery County (Pennsylvania) district. Atty. Kevin Steele said Cosby was freed “on procedural issues unrelated to the facts of the crime.”

“My hope is that this decision will not undermine reports of sexual assault by victims. We still believe that no one, including the rich, famous and powerful, is beyond the law. “He said.

This story was originally Los Angeles Times..

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