Frustrated Democrats warn Biden’s helplessness

President Biden has found himself nearly helpless in dealing with a series of setbacks warning the state of the country among Democrats over the past few weeks.

Biden has been hit in recent weeks. The Supreme Court has revoked the constitutional right to abortion in the Roe v. Wade case. The country is suffering from gun violence. The latest example occurred during an Independence Day parade on the outskirts of Chicago. Rising costs for gasoline, food and other commodities have frustrated the public for months.

In each case, Biden’s hands are heavily tied together, frustrating Democrats and contributing to the president’s political malaise.

He signed an executive branch and a bipartisan bill aimed at curbing gun violence. He took unilateral actions to lower gas prices, including the release of oil from strategic petroleum reserves. And he called on the Senate to change the filibuster if it needed to codify the Roe v. Wade case.

None of these steps expected to delay the plague of gun violence, dramatically reduce pump prices, or regain the right to abortion in states where procedures are illegal. ..

And all of them are increasingly frustrating Democrats, who have voted Biden in power to make a difference and claim to be dissatisfied with the consequences.

In this context, Biden’s steps and statements are seen as too few.

“It’s annoying,” said one top Democratic strategist, exhaling frustration about Biden and his team. “Our house is on fire, and they seem to be doing nothing to put out the fire. They are just looking at it with our others.”

Polls show the darkness of American life.

Gallup survey Published on Tuesday It turns out that only 23 percent of Americans are confident in the presidency system. It’s down 15 percentage points from a year ago.

A Monmouth University Voting Eighty-eight percent of Americans released on Tuesday believe the country is heading in the wrong direction, with only 10% saying it is heading in the right direction, recorded in a Monmouth survey since 2013. The minimum number that has been done.

Democratic strategist Joel Payne said Biden needs to change course.

“When there is a management part of work and a political part of work, and his coalition is hungry for political clarity and leadership, the president seems to be more inclined to the management role,” Pain said. “The president and his team need to pay attention to providing it and balance the need to do both.”

Bakari Sellers, a political commentator and former member of the South Carolina Capitol, told CNN on Friday about the Biden administration’s omissions against abortion: He can tell you what he isn’t doing. “

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (DN.Y.) tweeted, “We’ve been warning about this for a long time,” following the Supreme Court’s decision to have an abortion. “Some people may want to chase after the messenger, but we can’t make a promise, encourage people to vote, and refuse to use our full power in doing so. We still have time to fix and act, but we need to be brave. “

White House spokesman Karine Jean-Pierre has repeatedly complained at a press conference Tuesday from Democratic lawmakers, activists and experts that Biden has shown urgency and lack of firing on certain issues. I was asked.

“I can’t speak for them, I can only speak for what we’re trying to do,” said Jean-Pierre.

“This is the president who has been working hard every day since he entered this administration fighting for the American people,” she continued. “That’s important to him. It’s important to provide every way he can to make sure things get done.”

Jean-Pierre pointed out bipartisan gun control passed after school shootings in Texas, but Biden did not play a major role in those negotiations. She said Biden had announced administrative steps to protect access to abortion drugs and instructed the Justice Department to protect women across state boundaries for procedures following Law’s reversal. ..

“Boasting little knowledge of the Constitution and hurting the only way to restore Rho’s protection helps to boost police cash flow and ensure that the majority of Congress is very narrow. It will be such a fascinating dopamine hit for those who have, “said one Biden ally.

Republican strategist Doug Hay said Biden was in a situation where he couldn’t win.

“I don’t know if there’s really a lot he can do,” Heye said, adding that there are several reasons Biden is in this predicament.

“The base just wants someone who can fight. You don’t have to plan to land a punch, win a round, or knock down your opponent. You just have to be considered fighting. There is, “he said.

But Heye also said expectations for Biden were “too high.”

“What did they expect because they make up the majority in the House of Representatives and not the Senate?” He said.

White House aides disagree with the idea that Biden is not fighting to deal with issues such as climate change, the right to abortion, gun violence and inflation. They pointed out his ambitious legislation, the executive branches taken against guns, the climate and voting rights, and the willingness to demand a carve out of filibuster in the Senate.

Biden said he shared a sense of public dissatisfaction that the country was facing a series of setbacks. This is what the president said in his statement at the Independence Day celebration at the White House.

“Recently, there is reason to think that the country is retreating, freedom is diminishing, and the rights we have assumed to have been protected are no longer available,” Biden told military families on Monday. I mentioned in. “Remind us that we are in an ongoing battle for the American soul, as it has been going on for over 200 years.”

“I know it can be exhausting and anxious,” Biden continued. “But tonight, know that we’re trying to get over this all. See how far we’ve gotten over this for everything we faced.”

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