Fundraising Campaign for Truck Drivers Stopped After Reaching $ 796 Million

The fundraising campaign for truck drivers at Freedom Convoy 2022 was frozen by GoFundMe after raising over $ 10 million (US $ 796 million).

“This fundraiser is currently suspended and is under review to ensure compliance with the Terms of Service and applicable laws and regulations.” Fundraising page..

The campaign was started by two people, Tamara Rich and BJ Dichter.

The GoFundMe review seems to focus on several areas, such as the identity of the fundraiser, the use of the funds raised, and whether the funding “reflects or promotes behavior in support of violence.”

GoFundMe said the fundraising campaign did not violate the Terms of Service in terms of promoting violence at the time of creation.

However, they are trying to ensure that the funds are used as intended.

“As the activities surrounding the protests progress, we monitor the fundraising activities to ensure that the funds are sent to the intended recipients and that the fundraising activities are within the terms of use.” GoFundMe said: statement..

The funding platform also collects information from the organizers regarding the use of funds.

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On February 2, 2022, a convoy of trucks blocked the highway at the US Border Crossing in Katz, Arta, gathering protesters against the COVID-19 order. (Canadian Press / Jeff McIntosh)

Organizer Freedom Convoy 2022 At a press conference on Thursday, we confirmed that the fundraising campaign was part of their movement.

Tamara Lich, one of the organizers of Freedom Convoy 2022, said he sent all the information requested by GoFundMe.

“This morning, our lawyer sent GoFundMe all the details they asked for. We are confident that GoFundMe contains all the information we need to quickly unsuspend the campaign. “Masu,” she said.

“I hope GoFundMe will get in touch with me soon, get the money from the truck driver, and be able to keep the protest against freedom moving forward,” she added.

The Epoch Times could not confirm that Lich was the same person who launched the GoFundMe campaign.

GoFundMe is Canada’s second-largest fundraising campaign created on Tuesday for truck drivers protesting various COVID-19 obligations and restrictions across Canada, with donations exceeding $ 10 million. I confirmed.

After the Public Health Agency of Canada announced that foreign truck drivers can only enter Canada from January 15 if they are fully vaccinated, the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will start from January 22 outside the United States. In the United States, thousands of domestic truck drivers have decided to protest and meet in Otawa in an attempt to stop the order.

Truck drivers in western Canada began mobilizing on January 23.

As the record-breaking convoy passed through various cities, a crowd of people raising the Canadian flag and cheering was greeted and fireworks were set off.

US truck drivers began taking part in protests shortly after Lee Dundas, the founder of the Freedom Fighter State, and her personal assistant, Maureen Steele, heard the news and began organizing in the United States.

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