Furious Trump says taking home confidential documents was part of the “everyday” process.

Furious Donald Trump Again complaining that it was unfairly taken up by Democrats on Friday, the uproar over confidential documents he spy on Mar-a-Lago is nothing more than a “normal” and “daily” presidential record process. Stated.

The National Archives and Records Administration I confirmed that it was on Friday Confidential Documents — Some Top Secrets -at least A record of the 15 boxes of the White House taken by Trump To his Florida residence when he left the office. By law, everything was to be handed over to the National Archives of Japan.

The Presidential Records Act requires the White House to store all written communications related to the president’s official duties (including everything from notes to email) and forward them to the National Archives.

Mr. Trump dismissed concerns about his brave rebellion against the “fake news” of the law.

“If this was someone other than’Trump’, there wouldn’t be a story here,” he wrote on his blog, but his aide, Liz Harrington, reposted it on her Twitter account. “Instead, Democrats are looking for the next scam.” (Trump was banned from Twitter and couldn’t post himself).

Mr. Trump claimed that he didn’t have time to squirt and swipe the document. In a factless statement, he was too busy to “destroy ISIS and build the largest economy America has ever seen … to prevent Russia from attacking Ukraine.” Stated.

Mr. Trump claimed that the National Archives officials “could not find” anything because he submitted the document at home, but only after the authorities requested it.

Some of the records were historically important, including what Trump said:Love letterFrom the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, And a letter from the former president Barack Obama When he took over the Oval Office, he set out for Trump.

The record that Mr. Trump shook off “should have been transferred from the White House to NARA at the end of the Trump administration in January 2021,” NARA said in a statement to the Washington Post last week.

Nara Referred the issue to the Justice Department for investigation..

The amazing news that Trump has moved the White House’s box of records to Mar-a-Lago follows the previous post’s report. Former president routinely “tears” documents From notes to briefings and schedules while he was in office.

“He didn’t want to record anything,” a former Trump official told the post. “He never stopped tearing things.”

Officials often scooped up and taped pieces of paper to comply with the law, but torn documents were sometimes added to “burning bags” and destroyed, dumped in the trash, or simply lost.

Several documents provided last month to the House Election Committee investigating January 6, 2021 included a riot in the US Capitol. Torn — and taped together According to the staff of the National Archives of Japan Position When CNN report. According to a statement from the National Archives, they saidTorn by former President Trump.. “

The New York Times journalist Maggie Huberman reports in her next book, The Man of Self-Confidence, that there were occasional White House toilets during the Trump administration. Documents are jammed The staff believed that Trump was about to flash.

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