Fury Road set after Tom Hardy’s feud

Charlize Theron Opened about the bad blood between her and her co-star Tom Hardy While in the set Mad Max: Fury Road..

The 2015 film on post-apocalyptic world survivors could have been nominated 10 times and won 6 times by Oscar, but it wasn’t that smooth behind the scenes.

An excerpt from Kyle Buchanan’s new book, Blood, Sweat, and Chrome: The Wild and True Story of Mad Max: Fury Road (Publisher Vanity Fair). Theron spoke openly about the toxicity between her and Hardy.

J Houston Yang, editor of the production company Open Road Entertainment, describes the relationship between Theron and Hardy: The camera wasn’t spinning actively. “

“I don’t want to make excuses for bad behavior, but it was hard,” Seron replied.

“I was in survival mode. I was really scared,” she added.

Director George Miller described the film as a story about self-preservation, claiming that this idea actually influenced the two leads.

Theron shared a similar idea. “We were working in a weird way like a character. Everything was about survival.”

The boiling point came when Hardy arrived and set it three hours later. Film photographer Mark Gernicht told her actor the moment he bowed and urged her to “charge her.”

From that moment on, feeling “threatening”, Theron was always assigned a producer to her side.

“It’s reached a bit out of control,” Teron said, “I didn’t feel safe.”

Looking back on the experience he worked with, Theron said: We shouldn’t have done that. We should have been better. I can own it until then. “

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