Gabby Petit’s mom says conversations and texts with her seemed to indicate “increasing tension” between the couple.


Gabby Petito on her YouTube channel Nomadic Statik

Gabby Petito talks to the camera with her only YouTube upload YouTube / Nomadic Statik

  • The Florida search warrant refers to the features of Gabby Petit’s mother’s phone and text.

  • According to the warrant, her mother believed that there was “increasing tension” between Petit and Laundry.

  • On Monday, the FBI also executed a search warrant at the laundromat’s home, proclaiming it a crime scene.

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A search warrant filed last week by Florida law enforcement agencies to search Brian Laundry’s computers referred to the emergence of “increasing tension.” Gabby Petit and Coin Laundromat Text and telephone conversations between Petito and his mother Nicole Schmidt.

“During the trip, the subject sent multiple text messages and had many discussions with his mother, Nicole Schmidt, via mobile phone communication,” the warrant said. “During these conversations, there seemed to be more and more tension between her and the laundromat.”

Brian Laundry Warrant

Screenshot of Brian Laundry Search Warrant insider

The warrant was filed by Northport police last week after Laundry was nominated as an interested person when his 22-year-old fiancé Gabby Petit disappeared in late August. When they embark on a cross-country road trip.

A Florida police warrant also added that Schmidt said he had received “strange text” from Petit, including the last text sent on August 27. I’m afraid someone else may have been using Petito’s phone.

According to the warrant, the duration of the message, and then the lack of communication from Petit, is the reason why the mother came to contact the authorities.

The warrant was submitted to access the laundry computers and electronics.

Separately on Monday, the FBI executed a search warrant obtained by the court at Laundry’s family home in Northport, Florida, declaring the location a crime scene.

“The FBI is currently executing a court-approved search warrant related to Gabriel’Gabby’Petit investigation at the Laundry House in North Port, Florida,” he said. The FBI’s Tampa office said in a tweet..

Laundry’s parents’ home was declared a crime scene the next day I found a body that might be a petite It is located in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. An autopsy will be completed on Tuesday, September 21st to determine if it is a petite.

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